Electric Sky harvest time big buds topped once super lst 2019

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  1. Unbelievable man…i just chopped my first grow nothing like this…how long did u keep her in veg? I have a sour deisel im am trying lst its about 5 weeks in veg thanks

  2. nice plants!! Im doing a video to cover how efficent fertilizers are by growing a plant with regular water ec=400 ppm and no ph measure and other plant, exactly the same with the full line of fertilizers, controlled ec and ph to see what a diference does it makes!! Gonna be awesome I think. Kind regards from south america and keep on with the nice videos

  3. Should have used NOT TNB it works better lol. You have to hand it to Electric Sky man they have one of the top lights on the market and it priced where it should be priced. this thing will make Black Dog Photomax 1000 look stupid at $2,500 you can buy 4 of these at that price and Have 3-4 times the harvest and QUALITY.

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