Encourage Medical Marijuana – Akeredolu Tells Federal Government

Encourage medical marijuana – Akeredolu The Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, has expressed the need for the Federal Government to encourage …


  1. SSP why so much struggling to Express yourself Baba…I hail oo. You have been so blessed and exposed. You should have evolved over ti.e irrespective of your basic literacy. Anyways wise suggestion to the matter on ground.

  2. This issue of marijuana OMOYELE SOWORE brought this idea and he even talked about it on this same show the problem with Nigeria is that we don't always see the positive sides of things we rather focus on negative

  3. Morayo, not that easy! You all have somehow ignored the spiritual aspect of the whole matter. Mr. Peters may have eluded to it, somewhat. IT WILL NEVER GO WELL FOR THE DAUGHTER IF THE MOTHER CURSES HER IN HER HEART (SPIRIT), remember, she doesn't have to utter a single curse word with her mouth!
    I enjoyed each person's approach to addressing the issue; I lean more to Miriam, Tope, and Morayo' position. Beecee, I completely accept your opinion. I understand the biological factor. However, you should know that spiritually the stepfather has spiritual authority over her, facts! People that we answer to, be it teachers or president, exert a level of spiritual authority over us! That's why it's extremely critical that teachers, for example, do not say negative words to students, like calling them dull- cannot learn, and so forth!
    At this point, the daughter is incapable of grasping the essence of this 'simple' situation. It's a delicate matter that needs to be ironed out before marriage because the future of it can be announced right now, if we so desire.

  4. I am yet to come across any credible scientific research linking medical cannabis use to addiction. Addiction is usually the first recourse of sceptics – not because such sceptics have carefully gone through the scientific research – but because that is what other people say. The Nigerian government made cannabis an illegal substance because we adopted laws from British statues. Nothing more! There is no record that the Nigerian government ever conducted any research themselves to determine whether the assumptions expressed by law makers, the military, politicians, etc., are valid. Let the Nigerian government do their homework first – conduct the research and find out how our plants (cannabis or what else) can benefit us medicinally and commercially. Besides, there are varieties of the cannabis plant that have near zero THC content. How has the Nigerian State responded to that? A uniform ban? Please!

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