Episode 44: Cannabis Oil Saved Her Thyroid From Being Removed

When she was pregnant, Lindsay Bunn Rogers was told her thyroid needed to be removed because of the mass growing on it. It couldn’t be done until after she …


  1. 2015 I had a full thyroidectomy due to Follicular cancer which has now moved into my vertebrae as Metastatic cancer. I am now seeking to get serious about Cannabinoids for a cure rather than the Lenvima chemo the doctors keep pushing.

  2. Where do I buy this? I have a nodule 4cm x 4cm and docs want do the EXACT same thing to me! I also have a 10 month old baby and need to live for him. If I get my thyroid taken out, I will have an awful life. Please reply

  3. I'm curious as to whether she or other new moms were breastfeeding and has anyone studied that? I mean women have used natural medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. And there was no baby formula back then

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