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  1. Hey I’m a teenager and the first time I got DP I was with some friends and smoked too much weed about 4 months ago…. I had a very bad panic attack while I was high and had dp after it for about 2 weeks. I got over it fast because it was the summer and I could rest and had football and that helped me get over it, but it was very scary. Then about a month ago a got very drunk with some friends and it came back a couple days later because I had another panic attack while drunk and I was talking about a friend who committed suicide about 6 months ago that has traumatized me but I never got dp from it. Now I have had dp for about a month and everyday is getting a little better but it’s very hard and I pray every because I’m very religious and believe God will heal me… but lately I’ve had very bad health anxiety and think I’m going to die all of a sudden from some disease it makes the dp worse and I try to stop thinking about it but it’s hard… do you have any suggestions to help with this?

  2. I love you dude I’ve been living with it for about 2 years now and it gets so hard to just live I feel like I’m losing it but your videos help me so much you don’t understand

  3. After more than 24hrs without food I had a huge and strong joint and it just flipped me. I was walking through the forest and it was like its not real. After few minutes, it felt Im looking through a long tube. I kept calm, prepared food, had a drink and didn't even tell my friend… after a hour or so it started to fade and eventually I even had a few joints that evening.
    I think the most important thing is not to panic (easier said than done).
    Lack of sleep and all that lead to a breakdown a few months later after being homebound for 3 weeks with a illness. Got health anxiety and all this shit. Ok now but not a nice memories 😀

  4. Does anyone experience visual changes with dp/dr? I feel like the sky and atmosphere just looks 2D and fake it makes me not even wanna go outside cause the clouds look fake and they trip me the hell out 😪

  5. Man I wish I would have come across this channel when I was first having panic and DPDR years ago. So much great advice here. I do have some questions about DPDR though. Is it possible to experience this on a daily basis even from mild triggers? I get this all the time even if the trigger is small. I did have some trauma in my past that got this whole thing started for me.

  6. It's so funny… about a year and a half ago I got dp/dr sooo bad I thought I was literally mentally insane … n now it's literally laughable…. trust me FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS TO SEE THIS ITS OK IT WILL GO AWAY WITH TIME …I KNO ITS hard to imagine… but literally ignore it 💯

  7. I’m currently in the mix with dpdr and I have got better 7 months ago I would never have left the house because of my anxiety and the symptoms yes I still have it but with small steps I will get there but one thing I’m struggling with my thoughts sometimes there quite overwhelming but watching your videos has helped motivate and given me awesome tips thanks so much

  8. Hey Jordan, i found out something very important which can support the recovery from dpdr. I talked with a doctor about how blood sugar can influence physical Stress. In the past few weeks my dpdr came back and i couldnt explain myself why because my mind was very calm. After a couple of weeks i went to a doctor and my Blood sugar was way to low and some sort of instable. He explained that there can be many reasons for that in my case it was caused by an instable hormonlevel after i stopped taking antibabypills. It can be also caused by a wrong diet (but there are many lists in the Internet with Products and recipes that keeps your sugar Level stable). I think that this is very important because during the first phase of my dpdr i didnt eat properly and sometimes i didnt eat anything at all but my doctor explained that a very low blood sugar Level or an instable Level can lead to so much physical stress comparable to a panicattack and there are many universities which proved that. i had many symptoms which i used to had during that anxiety phase (my body felt stressed and i couldnt sleep and so on) but my threatening tiger was my own blood sugar. After only 5 days i feel way better and i know that i can recover from this Stress again ^-^

  9. I’m a hypochondriac with dp for about 1 month and a half and dp made me feel like I was in a simulation and then I had started to believe I was in a simulation and that everyone wasn’t real and I’m in a simulation by myself and everything they try to tell me was tryna hide me from the truth and it’s really making me depressed and idk what to do edit: and I also am worrying about being in a mental hospital for the rest of my life because of my health anxiety do have any advice on how to get over this because I’m just scaring myself more and more

  10. It's just depressing how for some people with dpdr (including me) memory gets so messed up, like I can't even remember what I did two days ago, I must really focus on it for couple of minutes to try to recall some of the stuff… it really bothers me and it's very difficult… 😥

  11. Hey Jordan ! Sometimes I have fear that's I psychosis or schizophrenia because I feel better that I recovered but sometimes dp/dr come out of nowhere but I do the body scan and feel better. Am I going crazy or is it just anxious thoughts?

  12. Could you make video where you explain how to make sure if you do or don’t have depersonalisation? I’ve got it from weed like a year ago and I don’t know if I still have it.. because I don’t know how I felt before. Is there any way you can determine whether you still have it or not?

  13. I really don’t know what my trauma is or how i got dpdr it was after a elevator I got scared and nervous and tense but than after I got off the elevator it was fine but then dpdr turned on the I had a panic attack from dpdr that’s how it all started

  14. I just want to let everyone in the comments know that you CAN overcome this .. i suffered dp and anxiety from a bad experience with weed .. i was messed up mentally/physically for a little over a week .. his videos helped me tremendously to recovery .. im back to my normal self now .. while experiencing this , its very scary but understand those fear based thoughts you’re having are NOT real .. its just the anxiety .. your NOT going crazy .. I would have to say that God helped erase those negative thoughts out my head .. and also making some positive lifestyle changes .. if anyone needs any help/advice feel free to msg me here ❤️ sending lots of love to everyone xoxoxo

  15. I didn t know that it could happened on alcool , but at the same period (month) i start feeling dpdr i have a really Bad Trip with alcool like i feel i really gonna die , i started to pray to not die ,but actually if i was alcoolised its possible that the amont of stress that i bring out to my body was much important that i perceive and farorise the happening of dpdr
    There is so Many thing that could causes dpdr , i think i had a combo when it started .smoking weed (shit), anxiety ,muscle tense

  16. I used to have dp/dr from too much marijuana, I had it for about 4 months maybe 4 months and a half. When I got it, I was freaking out, thinking that I will never ever recover from it… Here I am, 8 months after I got it and experienced it, recovered with a fine nervous system, stable mental state.
    I recovered from it by doing things that I wanted to, not like all the crazy things, not out of human brain boundaries kind of stuff, but like travelling, doing everything I wished for before I had it, yes it cost me a lot of money, but the best thing about it is, that I recovered from dp/dr and made a lot more friends.
    So you could do like me, or some of you could do like you, it's not that hard to recover from it than you think. Keep going and you'll reach the end of it, don't ever give up on something you are not done with, because the end might be very close.

  17. I'm in a constant state of panic at the moment.. it started with fear of dementia and as the panic got worst I eventually started being scared of conscience thoughts and now I feel like utter crap all day. Anyone got any remedies?

  18. As someone who developed DP/DR from weed, I can assure you I've had my fair share of panic attacks after drinking too much, especially in the days when I was prescribed benzodiazepines. Highs, drunkenness and hangovers cause a hyper awareness of bodily symptoms, which we interpret wrong. Once it's interpreted, the fight or flight turns on in an INSTANT. Once that adrenaline kicks in, those symptoms are a whole new ballgame. It's REALLY REALLY difficult to calm down once it's all triggered. You begin to fear the panic symptoms because they are so overwhelming and terrifying. They're meant to be terrifying. If the symptoms weren't terrifying, you wouldn't run or fight if you had to for your life. It would be easy to accept a panic attack and derealization if you were attacked or running from a fire engulfed house, but because it happened due to a bad high or hangover, it's very hard to accept that it truly is adrenaline. Health anxiety is a Bear. Sorry for anybody who has to go through this. It's something I wouldn't wish on anybody.

  19. hi whats your email? i have been wanting to tell someone (anyone really) my dpdr story. someone who i feel like would really understand it and not really judge me or think im crazy. if you dont give it to me thats ok i would 100% understand:)

  20. Hey bro love the videos I was wondering if I could you had a sec. just wanted to run something by you see what u think idk if u reach out to people or what but Idk if u had a email I just got a question or 2 and wanna see what u think thanks brother

  21. Thanks, Jordan for answering my question. I would of been more detailed if I would of knew you were gonna respond on video lol. But yea, I have quit the alcohol and caffeine for now and always have a healthy diet. I do workout and have other goals in life. I’m also in your course which is helping me a lot through anxiety and Dpdr. When I do drink, it’s usually go events and bars with friends , I like to get drunk in those fun moments(but not to the point where I blackout). So when I’m cured from my anxiety and dpdr , I was just wondering if i can go back to the good old days where I go to events and drink and shouldn’t fear about getting back to dpdr/anxiety again . But you pretty much said it in the video. Thank you

  22. Thanks so much Jordan for everything you have thought me and other people about dpdr. In my opinion I think that me finding your channel was a gift from God and that you are a saint keep up the vids! and keep the enthusiasm. Btw I'm a lad from Ireland

  23. I have Depersonalization and Derealization Since The end of 2017 (1 year and five months Ago) my Depersonalization is not related to anxiety or panic, it came in a time of much stress, then I ended up despairing with the symptom and I am with it until today… Can i be cured?

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