Experimenting with CBD for Tinnitus and Meniere's Disease

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  1. im a relatively new nurse, put my head through a windshield as a kid, 15 years later had symptoms and diagnosed with menieres, they say i was born with inner ear defect….i believed this for quite some time, i learned in nursing school that 12 cranial nerves stem from medula in neck. 8th nerve is hearing/balance. whiplash causes scar tissue and inflamation, diaseases like trigeminal neuralgia, myesthenia gravis menieres ect …the nerves of the face/ears ect..are blamed when true culprit is inflammation of the brain stem. full spectrum cbd oil works…especially for people with ligament tears and OA of the knee. it magically makes the pain disappear.

  2. I m suffering from Otosclerosis n tinnitus ?
    24/7 noise n got mad due of these abnormal sounds in my left ear ?? very painful condition through whch m going ?
    Can be effective for Otosclerosis patients ??

  3. I have unbearable tinnitus which is really stressing me out and making my life unbearable, too bad cannabis is illegal in my country

    Also if you’re wondering I am 18 and I developed tinnitus from extremely bad ear infections as a kid

  4. I’ve been taking CBD for anxiety. It helps a lot, but I did have a vertigo attack. I took cbd and I don’t think it did anything, still laid there in pain for hours. Just felt sedated still had the severe nausea pain):

  5. Can’t say about that CBD, but I’ve tried like 1 small bud (less than 1 gram) of bluehell vaporized and it does a great difference (is not a cure, anyway). I could sleep all night long and woke up relaxed almost not hearing the ringing (very very soft).

    Unfortunately I guess not everything works for everyone

  6. This video was my last attempt at curing every sickness over the past 3.5 years,everything to Ménière's Disease,Tinnitus ,Vertigo ,Imbalance ,Dizziness,Anxiety and Stress. But i have been to ENT specialists and taking continuous medication.I have spent countless hours researching the internet for answers.Last Friday the 14th December I went to another Doctor and asked him for a prescription for CBD OIL.Picked up my oil at the pharmacy within the first day of taking the oil .5 ml twice a day prescribed.My life had changed within a few hours as every symptom disappeared and I was only left with the smallest ringing in my ear. I am now getting my sleep again and not having to worry about dizziness or anxiety,Thank you for sharing your video and yes I am only 4 days into my oil I feel amazing already.

  7. I just smoke weed and it’s legal now in Michigan. Half a joint at bedtime and I sleep like a baby? CBD worked but I had the shits the next day. Like bad (peeing out my butt).

  8. I m suffering from suspected menieres disease since 2008 with symptoms of severe vertigo, ear fullness, tinnitus and severe imbalance. In 2012 to November 2016 my all symptoms were cured but after 2016 my symptoms were badly affected once again. I tried all kind of medicines including English medicines and homeopathy but nothing is worked, my vertigo and fullness is severe nowadays. I also feeling sudden loss of balance.

  9. Docs think I'm showing signs of Menier's (but without the severe vertigo & nausea I've heard a lot about). And yes, the cbd is wonderful for stress & anxiety. Though, I too have found that it helps lessen the stress with even being diagnosed with Menier's but I would like to know how you are managing those symptoms?

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