1. just decriminalize weed already, you and i can make oil .. licensing comes with prescriptions. just upping costs and controlling who can and who can't

    we've suffered their laws for decades upon decades, ruining lives in the process, just to have them reschedule and take control sheeeeeesh fuckers

  2. My Great Pyrenees was having up to 3 seizures a day. Started at about 4 months old. I had just watched the documentary about Charlotte. So found a pet version of CBD.

    Now he has a great life of 1 seizure about every 20 to 25 days. And instead of lasting 3 or 4 minutes: they are less than a minute now.

    This stuff works: Hell with the FDA : if you know anyone or animal who has seizures:
    Inform them about CBD. It’s real!!!

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