1. Joints aren't good for beginners with the nicotine rush.. If you're not a smoker, it can get very scary. I smoked a joint with a friend on a balcony before. 12 stories up. Had a serious nicotine rush because I wasn't a full time smoker then and I felt like I was going to die. I sat in a chair on the balcony and was completely paralysed. I could feel the wind blow under my t shirt. Every part of my body was ice cold and my friend and old brother said I was pale white. I couldn't even speak properly and only be able to mumble out that I'm going to die. Thankfully I felt better 10 mins later and got up and went straight to bed to lay down. I may of even been rip of weed that my friend got that could of been laced with cleaning detergent. The weed itself was called Red dragon or some shit.

  2. 0:07 why is this asian bitch crying? stop being so sensitive. there are people who are going trought very hard time in life and not crying, and this idiot is crying after smoking weed for a yourube video smh

  3. "Now that you've smoked, do you want to say anything to your mom if she sees this video ?"

    That wasn't the right time at all for that kind of question, that poor girl was about to "bad trip". I know how she felt …

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