Fixing the war on drugs

Marijuana crimes have led to over 40 million arrests since Richard Nixon launched the war on drugs in the 1970s. The so-called “collateral consequences” of …


  1. Expunge all records involving possession and/or usage. Occupational licensure deserves it's own segment. Milton Friedman advocated for both the re-legalization of all substances as well as ending the AMA for their monopoly over medical licensing. Prescriptive authority ought to be with the individual seeking care rather than with a state sponsored puppet/physician.

  2. Unless the shot is something deeply vital to national security or core industries, once you served your time, it should be over. We are not a shame culture. You discharged your debt to society.

  3. Life expectancy on the decline couldn t be related to increased sedentary lifestyles, decreased community involvement, high fructose corn syrup, and removal of animal fats, could it?

  4. This channel is great source of news. Its growth is disturbingly slow. You guys need to do some more call to action like/subscribe/call for engagement

    I don't want to see one of my favorite channels get shut down because CNN is out of time in terms of the channel "doing well enough" for it to pay for itself and even make them some money.

  5. Why should ex-cons with drug felonies run legal marijuana companies? Because they couldn't follow the rules before, why would they now? How do we know they won't use their old contacts to undercut the ones who do follow the rules?

  6. When you refer to 'expert', could you please say who these experts are. Alternatively, you could say who they are with a timestamp in the description.

  7. I saw a documentary a few years ago about a guy who served federal time for growing weed and now he is legally able to grow weed
    Oakland CA is encouraging people who served time to legally grow weed. Check out a video called "Why Oakland Wants Ex-Convicts To Grow Weed"

  8. When I look back at the people I met throughout high school the biggest potheads are currently the least successful in life and the people who never bothered to get into recreational drugs have become the most successful. People say it all the time but there's an obvious coloration between recreational drug users and their successfulness. So smoke em if you got em but let's be real you're probably not a productive member to society.

  9. Great review of efforts to expunge records I appreciate it a lot! I was pretty surprised that you did not mention Canada at all in this piece with them being the second country to legalize and also having gone through expunging millions of people’s marijuana charges!

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