FULL INTERVIEW PART ONE: Cory Booker on Women’s Issues, Legalizing Marijuana, and More

Cory Booker is here and he’s talking about living in Newark, why women’s issues are important to him, the legalization of marijuana, and more.


  1. As much as I would like a POC to be the next president, I think they should consider having Bernie on the show. He has been the most consistent, especially when it comes to civil rights of POC and LGBTQ+ for over 40 years. Every issue that the gals on the real had brought up has been reaffirmed by Bernie for decades. Like the man got arrested protesting with DR. KING!

    Bernie is the OG. Everyone else is using a lot of his ideas to run right now when it sounded wild and crazy before. Everyoen on the real lovces AOC, which is the person who adapted a lot of Bernie's ideals.

  2. What is wrong with people if you don’t like him don’t watch him on Real simple as that. He is a good man with values and professionalism can’t wait to see him changing America

  3. Would you ladies ever have a republican on for a different perspective or only democratic liberals who share your view points? Part of having a constructive dialog is to have people on with different options. Walk out of Hollywood. It’s not as liberal as you think.

  4. What’s the story Fake Cory …….can you say College Bribery Scandal…….wonder who paid for your Fake Education. Coming soon to a theater near you. Road scholar..which road where you driving on.

  5. Degenerate What’s the Story Cory Booker..Are you going to bring your Strong mom when you need to Negotiate with Evil people such as President Vladimir Putin…Also no one believes you have a Girlfriend not even your Girlfriend

  6. Look at them giving him a platform to talk about his policies and what's he about when it comes to running for president ! I believe he has a chance ! The way that he is so normal and relatable yet still has the Essence of professionalism & leadership is what I look for in a president

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