1. Thank you so much for saring your invaluable wisdom, you truly are such a rolemodel for me, and it truly filled me with joy to hear you include people who dont identify as male or female in that last part, it really helps to know you see us and acknowledge us. Thank you again from the bottom of my soul, green blessing

  2. I had taken Eleuthero herb for about 8 years. It had increased my stamina noticeably and I never got sick I would runcircles around my coworkers ….lol.
    I also had noticed it does take about 2 months to get into your system fully. The only reason I stopped taking it was that ( as a body changes), my stomach was not well after taking it. I stopped taking it, but Idk, it seems like I don't need it anymore, however, I do take a tea of it now and then. I still run circles around my coworkers.

  3. How beautiful! I would love to apply for Shamanic apprenticeship. Is anyone allowed to have young children along during it? I am a single mom with 2 young children. If not, is it best to continue to study on my own until my children are older? I feel called to look into this as the opportunity could be lost. Blessings and thank you.

  4. Hello Susun! It’s great to see you, I would ask how ur doing, but I do not need to ask because you look wonderful! I have never had ginseng, I do not have cancer. How would you suggest I use ginseng (I’m not a cook) any simple ways in which I can take it to keep me in good health (I’ve learned from you on how to make tinctures, but do not know recommended dosage or how often) ??? Any other ways, a tea perhaps??? I love your ways! Green Blessings Susun

  5. This video came at the perfect moment! I just tried to make panax ginseng tea for the first time today, however I'm not sure on the proper methods and ratios to make the tea. Is it better to grate and boil for a long or short time? My Chinese medicine doctor told me American ginseng is better for treating infertility than the Chinese variety. I would love to see more videos about the two varieties and ways to prepare them!

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