Government got me done for 0.39 CBD of James Haze CBD cannabis what is going on with the law #2019

this was meant to be up on the 3rd of January just been a bit busy and a little depressed with the outcome there will be a trip report coming out pretty soon as …


  1. That sucks dude, sorry to hear ya had to go through that! It is legal in the EU up .2% THC, but it looks and smells like weed so when the police get a hold of it they think they know exactly what they have and that of course you would say anything to get them to piss off, so unfortunately waiting on lab results is the best option in that case. Another option and one that I think will make somewhat of a difference in the future, is demanding 3rd party lab results from suppliers and vendors. Also I did a review on JamesHazeCBD and was surprised to see that his website is gone now, so possibly his strains were a little on the THC heavy side?? who knows! but it's very unfortunate for some who smoke a bit of green, because .2% vs 1% won't have much of a perceptible difference when smoking, you think it's legal and then a police officer decides to arrest you for it, it gets tested and oh shit it's a tiny bit above .2% and all of a sudden you have inadvertently broken the law by possessing it. So yeh we are in for an interesting time ahead as CDB flower grows in popularity and police mistake it for it's more psychoactive counterpart!

    Best of luck with any other trouble that comes from that btw!

  2. Yo fuck the government mate carry on doing what you do because are government is run by the non Elected EU dept that try control are country never give in bro. And just remember Yorkshire is God’s own country and you will be safe here. Fucking corrupt pigs mate I know they know it we all know it’s just a matter of time and patience before something happens. They are uneducated motherfuckers. Did you explain that CBD is non psychoactive? If they then continued to know believe you then that’s when they needing sorting out, I’m sorry this has happened to you G

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