Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 6-23-19 Autopot

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 6-23-19 Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: Whats up growers!! Lots and LOTS to …


  1. Im non specialist but for seeds:
    1. 30 minutes Urb Natural soak ( i have had success with EM-1 soak too)
    2. RO water, wet napkin folded with turn off heat probe inside the napkin between two glass plates or dome. Set hear mat turn off probe to 77. Sprinkle seeds with mychos
    3. Keep towel damp but not soaked
    4. Check towel dampness every day

    Seeds should have a tap root in 2-3 days

  2. Okay after doing some research on different kinds of tents we seen the yours seems to be the best so we are saving now to purchase one maybe by July we should be able to get one towards the end you know how times are tough so we have to save to get everything but thank you so very much for the well detailed descriptions of your tents is unlike anything on the market we see today so thanks again can't wait to get one of those tents down the line ??????

  3. How are you going to run the tubing out of the 4×4….It looks like the 4×8 has a port that you are utilizing but the 4×4 does appear to have that or am i just not seeing it because of camera angle or something??

  4. I heard that if you have a fan blowing directy on your plant when drying that will cause your end product to taste like hay. Blow above or below, not on. Good luck

  5. Hay LG, Have you ever tried using Monoprice Hook & Loop Fastening Tape (link below) for training❓ Just loop it around the plants branch and stick to the sides of fabric pot. Easy to do easy to adjust & reusable. I cut it in half and it goes a long ways. Oh ya, it come in green too?✌️
    Hook & Loop Fastening Tape:

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