1. Help I got 2 weeks left before harvest and I'm pretty sure my plants covered in spider mites or some kind of tiny bugs on the bottom of the leafs !!! WHAT do I do ?? Will my bud still be smokable after this !! First year growing

  2. Hi bro I'm out in Australia and they just legalised weed in 1 state. Do you know where I can get some good seeds. I tried to get some online but they never germinated.. anyway your plants look really good bro.. I'm also using basil next to my plants ? but I only have sour diesel seeds by luck. If you could help me out with any indica seeds I could maybe swap some? Happy growing I subbed to you too!

  3. I don't know if it is your technique or the pheno, but I have never seen so much branching, like on that Berrycheesy, she would make a nice mother plant, you could make an army of clones with her.

    Nice work.

  4. Very Nice main plant :thumbsup: I am going to be following and monitoring the effect of this bending/stressing VS *homegrown homemade lattice'ish like supports & tying as I have this year.

  5. You could chop nearly all off that male and keep 1 or 2 branches. the moment he drops pollen, smakk it a cpl a times, and yank him. the few seeds you get on other plants, count them as a cross for next season.

    Its a misconception seeded bud is junk. One of my best grows, I had Purps X Purps and seeded to hell, thick with seeds. Deseeding blows.
    Once deseeded,, got me waaaay high. Made great bubble hash as well. I think it had to do with going that extra 2 or 3 weeks so I could be sure of seed ripening, so they would be viable.
    A cpl a seeds wont ruin yer day. and ya get some free "Crosses" out of it.

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