1. Moroccan way, you mix it with tabbaco and grind hashish to very small pieces and disperse them a lot so it's easier on an inhale to an inhale, usually a piece of 150 to 250 milligrammes, doses usually go higher for acoustomed to smoke it

  2. I mixed hash with green go herbal tubacoo always buy greengo herbal tubacoo i use a black leaf grinder to grinde IT my grinder dosent get sticky Even tho i mix IT with the grinder. Been smoking hash evry Day 2 years

  3. If you roast your tobacco with a lighter it will make the joint a lot more pleasant by removing a lot of perfume and chemicals (just sprinkle tobacco again and again over a lit lighter) will taste even better if you use rullings/rolling tobacco and melt the hash over it with your lighter

  4. You actually can smoke Hash on its own, Just Not in a Joint. You can either get a Hash Pipe or what you also can do: Take a piece of Cardboard and Take a needle or a screwdriver(or whatever), make a hole in the Cardboard and Stick it through. Take a small piece of hash, Roll it until it is a small stick, and attach it to the needle/screwdriver, light it on fire and Put it in a glass, so there comes no Air inside, it stops to burn and the whole Glass gets filled with dense Milky smoke. Then you inhale it (with a Straw for example). Btw there are tabacco alternatives Like greengo (non addictive, better tasting if youre Not used to Smoking, and less harmful). Best way to consume Hash in my opinion: Put some Butter and some Hash (small pieces Like in a Joint) in a mug, put it in the Microwave for ~3 minutes, keep Checking how it looks. When its Brown and there are a Lot of Bubbles, its done (Takes a while to Figure Out the perfect Timing. Fill it Up with hot chocolate and enjoy. Its not the most efficient way to make THC butter, but youll be surprised, it still can be way more potent than Smoking it. Take care with edibles tho, do your research.

    And No there is no way you dont get your Hands dirty

  5. yo dude, i was watching this video thinkin you had like 1 million subs, and then i saw that your channel was small, you are sersly underrated. im loving your vids, ur so chill <3

  6. Taking a small amount of hash and rolling it into a sausage shape and placing it in the middle of a joint, works well. But, if you don't place the weed and tobacco over the hash it will side burn.

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