Hemp may be next big legal cash crop in Tennessee

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? Just ask some of the growing number of hemp farmers planting in Tennessee.


  1. Tennessee too afraid to jump in. They are like the dude on a diving board that wanted to go back down the stairs but then was talked into jumping off but belly flopped when he hit the water. SMH. Just legalize all marijuana already!

  2. Hemp can be used to make Rope, Canvas, Cloth, and even paper. Most of the rest of the World grows and uses Hemp Products. There are stores in Europe that only sell hemp products like Clothing and Canvas shoes.

  3. We could make all packaging , plastics etc hemp based…and it would all be biodegradable and actually good for the soil and planet…but instead the protest cars and drive cars, they protest power plants and use power…we the people must unite and find what really matters before it's too late

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