HIT THIS FIRST!! Was Kim Kardashian's CBD Themed Baby Shower Lame AF?

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  1. This information isn’t all the way true. In our ECS, we mainly focus on our cb1 and cb2 receptors. Which is why it’s a common misconception that cbd does nothing by itself. When, that’s just not true. CBD does not stimulate these two, (cb1 or cb2) instead, it activates other receptors, like the vanilloid, adenosine and serotonin receptors. By activating the TRPV-1 receptor.
    CBD plays a role in the mediation of body temperature, pain perception, inflammation etc

  2. If I was to buy and use CBD oils in a vape pen to help cut down on the amount of weed I smoke and help my anxiety what’s the product and strength to buy I live in 🇮🇪 where THC is still illegal but CBD is legal can anyone help recommend me anything ??? Anyone ?

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