How does marijuana affect your brain?

Marijuana is getting more and more popular every year. Public sentiment is shifting and states across the U.S. have begun legalizing pot for medical and …


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  2. Find it funny when I hear people say pot is a gateway drug but the opiates that doctors prescribe legally are far more dangerous and often the very thing that had users going to meth or heroin because they can no longer get the opiates. Pot is no more a gateway drug than beer or wine is to liquor or moonshine. It's all about the effect one wants and only that. It's a choice. People can use the excuse of it hurts your brain, makes you worthless but they alessio need to own the part that legal prescription drugs do the same if not worse, especially on side effects. Anyone that had taken a prescripion often end up on other meds for the side effects the original drug causes. The only difference is they look to the legal aspect and the money they make on pushing legal dependancy on prescription drugs. Marijuana is a God giving natural plant people have used for ages. And in my profession I'll just say I've never had a patient come across my last for overdosing on pot but I sure have had far more than I can count come across me with overdose on pain meds, other drugs and alcohol. Lives lost with both legal and illegal drugs and alcohol. Most I hear or see from pot is asking for food and a blanket

  3. Appears to be a fair pros and cons video. Ex:, If you Skip to 5:30 for "effects" it seems the cons are largely possible effects of smoking it, like chronic cough, bronchitis, weakened immune system, and lung cancer, which seem obvious to me, vs the safer and longer lasting effects of oral or edible doses that can last up to 23 hours, while smoking peters @ or @ 3 hours.
    And, you still can't use it and work for mostly zero tolerance employers even if legal. John MorganoMorganoMorgan might be your best bet.

  4. I've used cannabis almost daily (with breaks of several weeks or months every few years) since I was 16. I'm now 38. I wish someone would study me lol. I don't feel that dysfunctional, I've never not had a job, my fitbit tells me I'm healthy, I'm lean and I look about 10 years younger than I am. My short-term memory used to be terrible, but it's been improving despite not cutting down, although it's still quite bad by normal standards. I don't drink much alcohol and I gave up smoking 2 years ago.

    Edit: This was a very informative video btw, and I liked how balanced your approach was.

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