How I Prune My Outdoor Cannabis Plants

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  1. New sub love your videos. You are a big help to me I am 64yrs old and going to try and grow me some next year need all the help I can get. Thank you for all you do. Your plants look awesome man great job my friend

  2. Am a newbie to outdoor growing, pruning now, love the video and can see your passion & knowledge for outdoor growth (breeding grounds for pests ?) Thanks for the informative video bro!

  3. Seen this guy drill a hole on the bottom main stem inserted a stick or nail a week before harvest has anyone seen this done what are the benefits or is this something you don't recommend

  4. Definitely agree i prune my green house plant (king lui, motor breath, gg4 and riddler before they start flowering. I prune 1/4 from the bottom and i been doing this for almost 3 years and so far its really proven that when you prune your plant it give you more and big nugs it also help to avoid pop corn nugs??

  5. I like what your doing. You used the ground which is best. I'm not hatin on your skills. Plant looks good. Just the CBD choice. You obviously know what your doing. Why didn't you choose a bomb thc strain. I'm not hatin I was just busting your balls about the CBD.

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