1. Hello from South Carolina. You're a pretty lady but that accent has to go. Lol! Only kidding. I could get used to it if I have enough CBD oil. You say 10 to 25mm to start, but how many drops is that? Thanks.

  2. But serious illnesses needs 500mg a day according to Rick Simpson. And of the right stuff.
    If MHRA allows it, it must be fraud. Such low amount for such high prices is pure fraud.
    It is just a plant that grows everywhere and oil is made easily.
    Check how Rick Simpson explains and shows how to make your own RSO, Rick Simpson oil, easily and cheap.

  3. Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the knowledge from your program. I am very new at this CBD, THC field. Unfortunately a close friend of mine is diagnosed with stage four nasopharyngeal cancer. I was told CBD or THC would help him to alleviate the nauseous feeling from chemotherapy and will increase his appetite. But nothing seems to work even though he’s been using this for two months now. He is depressed, not willing to eat, He has sores inside his mouth that stops them from eating. Maybe we are just not giving him the right dosage ? I am always confused by how to interpret the dosage. The bottle says 300 mg. The dropper inside the bottle is measured by ML. So what would it be in ML if I want to give him 25 mg? And what is a “dropper”? And what is one drop? Thank you very much.

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