How to fix a BROKEN or CLOGGED vape pen cartridge. Hack. *UPDATE*. THC oil cart non working. 2019

If I saved you any money ny helping you fix your cartridge, please consider making a small donation to: Venmo: @jaeandres Cash App: $j1220 This is a …


  1. I really appreciate how thorough you were. In the video you mentioned some viewers prefer short videos.. I do not, I prefer more in depth videos. Although I'm a get-to-the-point person (I have ADD) I didn't mind how long the video was since you were so informative. By the way it's cool you can do YouTube videos at home now and get paid for subscribers so I subscribed. I'm also a work at home parent. I wish I had the equipment, knowledge, and software to make & edit my own videos. My daughter's been wanting to make some as a creative outlet. I have a legit technical support /customer service desk job but I work at home. Take it easy!

  2. If no oil is over the 2 holes at the bottom does that make it not hit and if so how do I fix that cause mines towards the end but still has a decent amount in it but won’t hit and I think that’s the reason

  3. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out
    pcb board repair
    try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor got cool success with it.

  4. My connect part broke off of the bottom on a never used cart. How would i fix this. Ill veno you if u can help. This cart is from Amsterdam so im really sad…should i attempt to.fix it or just transfer the oil to an empty cart?

  5. I just started using distilled water in my mixes, no more plugged up Carts, makes that nice sizzle sound and it hits right now. Been on this same ce4 tank for a week, before they would only last 2-3 days

  6. this is just so frustrating i buy a cartridge and put 100 dollars worth of shit in there and now it doesnt toke… plenty of air.. no vape. brand new …. mine looks different so it must be a different thread


    For step 2: Some of the "off brand" cartridges have only one wick coil (one cable). If so, just center that cable and it should still work.

    If it still doesn't work, try getting a tweezer and pulling A VERY SMALL amount of the cable so it can reach the tip.

  8. New cart and getting like a short cir light after 10 great drags on the best cart I've ever tasted or had with great effect!! But now three different mods all same thing. Only been fired on low and warmed up and primed properly I'm at a loss and would like some help figuring it out ? If anyone has any ideas ?

  9. Awesome, thank you for the video. I had a problem with the pen not putting out much vapor. So I was messing with it and took it apart (it's only 2 weeks old), using your other video as a guide. I reassembled it but wasn't sure where certain wires go but was able to figure it out myself. The deeper wires that are supposed to be on the outside of the rubber bushing were not both tucked correctly, or only 1 thin wire was coming out…not totally sure. Anyway, I adjusted the wires and reassembled it, which caused the gurgling (vape juice coming out of the mouthpiece). So I took it apart again and held the wick holes above my phone LED light. I could see the wicks were still in place for the most part but apparently I had moved them slightly. So I pushed the inner wires deeper inward using very thin tip tweezers (no longer made… -.- so I stocked up on some from ebay last year bc I used them ALL THE TIME for everything). After adjusting the wires and also able to reach down to the wicks with the tweezers (pressing the lower wick inward to be sure it's in front of the lower hole), I reassembled and all works perfectly (better than when I first got it) !!

  10. I did a bad thing and stuck my paperclip ALL THE WAY THROUGH the cart. Ended up displacing the wicks and filling the inner tube with white wick fluff. Thought it was mold at first and freaked out. Luckily, the cart was almost spent, but, had I watched this before messing with it, I'd still have at least a few days of steady use. I'm afraid to try it without the wicks (I pretty much scraped every visible scrap of them out thinking it was dust or mold).

  11. tytytyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i can now get HIGH arghh this was so perplexing.. not bein able to SMOKE and it the THC was right their b4 my eyes i couldn't get it to heat up arghhhhhhhhhhhh lmaooooo the struggle is REAL my 420 friends.. tlc

  12. #2 Mine has 1 coil wire and the center pen with a hole running through it and the wire had come undone. I just fixed it. It's a disposable ccell with flat hard plastic tip. You have to angle it just right so the wire will go through one side of that hole when you push it back down. Otherwise it's impossible to get it there by using your fingers or anything. Mine is working like a charm now!

  13. I can't wait until companies figure out how to make a product that doesn't break 1/3 of the time or clog. Sometimes I wonder if they have grade school students design their carts. Everyone from Raw Garden to Brass Knuckles to Bloom Farms etc…No one can figure out how to make a cartridge. If any other product broke as often no one would even buy the product. Companies are super lucky we enjoy the oil because their actual cartridges are trash.

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