How to Germinate, Plant and Store your Cannabis Seeds

f.k.a. Cannabis Seeds & Germination 101 Hey buds and welcome to my video on cannabis seeds and germination! Germination is the first step to any cannabis …


  1. I hope everyone enjoys today's video! I went back and covered some topics I have already done videos on, but brushed up the filming and the script to hopefully make it better for you guys. Should be my last video on germination for a while ? Hope everyone has a wonderful week and until next time! ??

  2. dont fold the paper towel over the seeds . the tap roots will try and hold onto the paper and if you fold it over . when unfolding , damage to the tape root can happen. drop em on a damp paper towel and then into a sandwich bag.

  3. I like these educational videos ?great job on that, however at around 8 minutes and 57 seconds you did say irregardless ? did you mean irrespective or regardless? I'm only joking bro I hope you find this funny ??❤

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