1. What are those black stones or balls on top of your pots? Could I use that on top of my soil or coco to keep gnats and other bugs out of it? (Indoor grow and gnats recently destroyed two veg plants) thanks

  2. Im new to this channel but I know this, when you watch a show like this it's for info or entertainment not blogging. This is some of the best weed on YouTube.if you got something better post it or shut up cause you sound dumb as fu¢|<

  3. Focus on you not what others do or do not, focus on your stuff, i assure you are far for being the máster grower instead of liking this video Just shows me how sad a guy can be, keep it going Mr. Grow Máster.

  4. Can anyone help me out 2 of my 3 girls began to transition a week ago? They are outdoor in 10-gallon pots about 60 days old with a coco/peat/perlite mix getting General Hydroponic nutes according to the GH schedule. I live in Toronto and we are getting 15 hours of light right now. Got me a Dos-Si-Dos, Cindy 99, and a Bruce Banner Fast. Ironically the BBF is the one clearly still vegging. Is this all to be expected? This is my first outdoor grow and it sort of surprised me transition happened mid-July. Great vid as usual. Peace!

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