How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors Defoliation, How to and Why

I show you how to defoliate your plant the right way. Your plant needs to be defoliated from time to time in order for light energy to get to the parts of the plant that …


  1. One thing I see. All those clones n we just toss. Use them n reap the rewards. Their free n will b just like mama. Save lotsa $ but pick strain carefully. I grow four crops from one 10$ seed.

  2. I am NOT a all year round grower. We here in Michigan only became legal to grow this year. My plants are doing ok. But I have a problem with my Cherry Pie the leaves are turning yellow and I am perplexed as to why. Any advice why be helpful. I don't smoke cannabis or cook with it..I just think it is a awesome plant to grow. I just give it away.Thanks

  3. my dad grew back in the 70s. Santa Cruz mountains in norcal. then mid 80s he started showing me what he learned. i grew for 5 years then moved to Missouri had a son and stopped growing. now my son is all grown. Missouri past med weed and 6 flowering home grows. im so ready to get out the soil recipe my dad and i worked on. all organic. 100 gallon post. 7 to 10 feet wide plus for some. 13 feet tall for others. from 3 to 5 pounds a plant. i am so ready to grow again i feel 17. ima grow auto indoors too. thanks for the vid bro

  4. Why defoliate. Just open up the middle. U wasted that growth to cut it out. Makes zero sense. If u can see through the middle leave it. If u cant see through the middle move it around bend it twist it do what u can so u can see through the middle at least a softball size hole. The plant will tell u what's not getting light by yellowing so pick the yellow

  5. I need to do this so bad but I'm reluctant due to being my first grow… You got any tips on keeping soil temps down? It's been over 100 degrees the past few days and it will be 110 on Sunday.

  6. Such a great video! Good information nice views and I think that healthy clone will make it! I can't wait to see the update. I've broken a branch several times and just stuck them in dirt and got another plant. Your yard is beautiful I love the veggies and greenhouses they are awesome. You are an excellent gardener with excellent content.
    ✌ and growers ?

  7. Awesome video very informational,,,hey mr thc,,that blue dream looks like its stayong the same size or am i trippn??i love defoliating and prunning, theres nothn like seeing a naked lady,,salud??

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