How to Judge Cannabis as a Connoisseur: Casey O'Neill / Green Flower

A perennial Emerald Cup judge, Casey O’Neill of Happy Day Farms reveals his routine and criteria for evaluating great cannabis, discussing not only the …


  1. This man is kind of inspiring some reason now well I don't know why I said for some reason I want to be a marijuana connoisseur I've been fascinated with it ever since I was little that sounds weird but I mean I knew my mom and dad were smoking weren't the cigarettes everybody else's mom dad was smoking not stupid I was 6 or 7 but I could tell the difference they look different from the other cigarettes and they smell completely different I knew it was up even back then and even back then I was fascinated with it I remember i would draw pictures of the leave when I was like in fifth grade I'll be bored in class I'll be drawing marijuana leaves I don't know why I don't know more about this plant I should
    I'm fascinated with it I don't know why I never thought about that until just now watching this video I should know more about this plant I'm almost embarrassed that I noticed that

  2. I like everything that you said. Your command of the language gave me a clear image of what the issues are about. Your hat was very cool and I like the backdrop in the video. I also love weed and always want to learn more about it. You explained yourself very well. 5 stars from me!

  3. Thank you so much for this video. As a relatively new legal cannabis consumer in Oklahoma I have found some amazing medicine but also been sold bags of shit. Will be nice to shop with a little more confidence

  4. Mans great has great info but forgot to leave out to judge the bud for what it is you cant compare a fruity bud to a skunk I have to many friends that think the are consiour but if it's not a gas kush it shit in there eyes, a consiour should be able to judge base of what it is not what they like sick of people who think they know bud but in fact they only know the small part that they enjoy expand your horizon pic up a fruity sativa if you like skunky indica or the
    Other way around learn to love all type first

  5. You said “if the trichomes are more clear/ foggy then you’ll get an up feeling and if the trichomes are amber you’ll get a more sedative effect”. That has nothing to do with the trichomes ? that has to do with it being either sativa or indica? Lost me there

  6. Yo do I video on step by step curing and pros and cons of wet trim vs dry trim more in detail please. I hit the sub bell so hopefully you see this message and dig into the most important part which in my opinion is the cure. Thanks for the info my friend.

  7. The second nug, Urkle Berry…..started growing it about 4 years ago, Cannaventure’s Urkle Berry II.
    Finished in 8 weeks, short, stocky & superb yielder, I’ll get 100g from plants that grow no higher than 80cm.

  8. I love the smell been a smoker. I asked my family members if they liked the smell that don't smoke it they had had a smell and did not like it was if they was smelling duty socks I was surprised to see people don't like the smell Evan if they never smoked it. ,maybe that's there body telling them that is not for them. Our could it be we got to learn to love it. I have always loved it lol I was just shocked to here some one say that it dose not smell nice lol

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