1. I just want thc in edible form so my plan is I want to lace my family’s food with thc and so I don’t want 1 cup of oil can I do like 1/4 cup of oil and a gram of dabs?

  2. You can also extract dabs from bong water if you partially evaporate the bong water down to concentrate then mix the bong water with a little bit of alcohol, then heat the solution or you can set the solution on fire only the fumes will burn not the solution itself.
    remember THC dissolves in alcohol

    some of the leftover water will leave the solution with the alcohol making your concentrate a little bit thinner.
    at that point you can then add a few drops of coconut oil. all of the alcohol will gone and you will see the solution turn cloudy as you drop two little pieces of coconut oil, that is the coconut oil absorbing the THC molecules out of solution.
    from there you can put the solution into a pan and then tilt the pan so the solution is on one side.
    heat the side of the pan that doesn't have the solution in it when that side of the pan is hot slosh the liquid across the hot side of the pan and it will instantly evaporate some of the water but not the oil do that over and over until you have an extremely concentrated solution that pops like bacon grease when you slash it to the hot side.
    then you can put it in the freezer and all of the oil will freeze before the water does and you can pull off all of the oil that is now colored green.

    I should probably make a video on how to do this because a comment just doesn't suffice

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  4. Can I eat this straight after it has cooled and solidified in the refrig? Or, does it require me to add lethicin for that? Or additional heat? I just want this to spread it on food and be light and small to take places with me.

  5. I used a cupcake holder. It is supposed to be parchment but it leaves a lot of brown sap in it. I am wondering if there is loss this way, and I can just heat it up in a pyrex, and then go add the melted oil. Don't lick the parchment!

  6. WAIT? I thought by processing the cannabis INTO Shatter, its already been Decarb'd?? Over over this point then. Why all the heating? Seems youre reducing the potency. Thanks

  7. Wouldn’t it just decarb on it’s own if you heat the oil up to around 230f and just throw the wax in that? I tried this once with like 5-7 grams of rosin and was way too high for like 3 days straight not realizing how potent it actually is.

  8. Sweet just a friendly tip from a fellow weedtuber, I would maybe change the name to DIY or Making Cannabis Oil with Shatter, More likely to get hits. But still good content man!

  9. Wow I love your video. I appreciate all the information and I love the editing. I'm a first-timer to YouTube and I would love if you could take a look at my channel and a couple my videos give me some suggestions on what I can improve I would very much appreciate it

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