How to make cannabis infused oil in 5 minutes (with no special equipment needed!)

Make your own cannabis-infused oils in less than 5 minutes and with NO special equipment. I’m SO excited to share this video with you. When I tried infusing …


  1. I love to make edibles, tinctures, & topicals. I also do things the easy way whenever possible. I buy the large blocks of high quality chocolate (or bag of chocolate chips), cut it into pieces & put into a double boiler with 1/4 cup of canna coconut oil. Melt together & pour into molds. Sometimes I add flavoring extracts like mint or raspberry. I learned so much from watching Ruff House Studios YouTube channel. Tons of cannabis recipes & tips. Check them out.

  2. Have you tried to make tinctures with RSO or any concentrates? To get the last bits out of the syringe can you just suck up a bit of melted coconut oil into the syringe, shake it up & push out the remainder

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