1. Not to sound dumb but can you just eat this type of oil? Use it with other foods or just put a little in your mouth? Looking to smoke less but would still like the benefits if thats possible. I know incan make cannabutter and use that but this seems like it could be good for a small 1 time dose instead of baking a whole batch of something i may or may not eat all of. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

  2. Gr8 learning video . Where I'm from , I use cheese cloth ,tied on one side ,place 1lb of shake inside the cloth ( a manageable amount at 1 time ), tie it up then place inside a container (bucket) ,pouring 2 litres , or so , of iso inside the buck , then let it soak very quickly ( 1minute ) , lift out slightly , squeeze , then follow the rest of the steps you've shown on the vid , except for the "let it sit overnight " , get str8 into it , simmer down and you'll find out that the cook will have a definite lighter gold color.

  3. I used to do this in my teens when ide get really shitty weed. Idk why you would want to do this with good weed. still nice vid and back when I did this, we didn't have kief cause our weed sucked, so joints were a mess. We called them "night sticks" or "black sticks" , and I'm grateful I don't have to smoke them any more lol.

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