1. I think what you guys did is really great, I want to buy a sn, but at the same time, I would like to ask you to join my movement against corporate take over, and they get the money THEY dont deserve!! So please call, or text me!!

  2. I just did an Ethanol Alcohol extraction of my shake. I don't use much XCT oil on the Green Dragon, but just enough to make it flow so I can suck it up into a 1ml. syringes. I will do the same to what rosin I get from my "Original Nug Smasher" when I start processing my home grown bud. This group is from a cultivar called "Tangie" and another one called, "Gorilla Tar". I have been watching many of your videos and they have helped immensely. Keep up the great work my friends. Many Thanks

  3. Can you please turn down the music. I makes it almost impossible to understand what you are saying. I just did my first NugSmash yesterday and I want to hear what I may have been doing wrong or wright. thanks

  4. LOL ? ?..what ever happened to just rolling up a fatty and getting high… I'll just smoke my joints and enjoy the experience of beautiful weed and high..yep I'm a 60 plus old guy…old school always rules. Happy420

  5. ps 2 how does your product effect the terpenes-are they still in the extract or did the process eliminate them-the older i get i find the pure smell of the flower to be a very potent healer-manythxs

  6. way out of my price range-old=-pension but great set of instruments- was on web site and your product is wonderful-payment plans or used-very wise set up manythxs4inspirational=thinking

  7. BTW, don't hate on butane folks. You ingest more lighting your joint or cigarette than you will from properly purged BHO. I freeze dry mine, but hey, I ain't normal, nor do I have a heated vac chamber. Or any vac chamber for that matter. Pyrex dishes in Ziploc hand pump vac bags. 24 hrs in the freezer, pumping the vac down every few hours. Another BHO hint, drip some drops of water in the collection dish during evaporation. Done right, this "foams" the BHO allowing it to de-gas fully and become tiny dry golden glitter crystals. That'll be a thousand bucks please.

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