How to Pick your Perfect 510 Thread Prefilled oil vape cartridge, that is best for you by HoneyStick

Have you ever wondered when looking at a 510 thread oil cartridge that is prefilled, how you can expect it to feel and perform? one of our most frequently asked …


  1. Never occurred to me that someone may chew on their cart… interesting. But what truly makes little sense to me is chewing on a cigarette, sounds unenjoyable.

  2. Vape N any device pods sub ohm can dab it nectar collector it what ever no need to use ccells anymore unless U choose 2 .

    The only proper way 2 make THC oil is Lil Yellow Bus Honey Liquidizer will Liquify all forms extracts and once infused will never seperate so smooth on throat and lungs truly a blessing 4 the critically ill patient and 420 710 communities
    We gotta spot waitin 4 u on the Bus

  3. Spoiler. No cartridges get you high. On record stating facts. I’ll get one that says 90 percent thc and it doesn’t get me half as high as a bong hit of seedy weed. It’s all bullshit.

  4. This video is waste if time. Your talking about good and bad but not giving out names! Most important is..ceramic or cotton coil..resistance and top fill no leak. Names are helpful. Long video…but no important info.

  5. hey dude great video I will be watching more! I'm in the uk so its a lot harder over here as its not legal yet so my only way to buy cartridges is on eBay and they're all just cheap china rip offs! its near on impossible to figure all this stuff out and I had kinda given up but would really like to have this in my pocket somehow! the first ones I got were real ccell ones and they worked great but I hadn't really figured out the mix so tasted horrible anyway! so basically I'm back to the start and just wish I had access to all the goodies you guys have in the states now!!

  6. Well you are only partially correct about the drip tip or mouth piece bore size. The amount of airflow though the coil or heating element and composition of your oil will determine the about of vapor you can draw from your cartridge. The mouth piece will however help in concentrating the vapor coming from the chimney onto your tongue which can improve the flavor you are getting.

  7. question: would you happen to know how many times may one use a refillable wick-less ceramic cartridge for t h c oils. Or perhaps how to tell if ur reusable cart is done with? i.e. carts like the o2vape wick-less ceramic carts

  8. This has been the most informative video on carts that I've seen so far. Thanks for all the helpful information. I've noticed the build quality and type of carts really matter when it comes to the quality of puffs desired. Thanks again!

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