1. Weed or Hash Clearly helped my Anxiety, sort of got me closer to god and being thankful for what i have i actually cried being thankful while high lol, I dont no These things effect people differently, one joint every 3rd day is that addiction? I dont know.

  2. I'm 3 days in and honestly I'm struggling. Daily smoker for over 10 years now. My whole 20's is a haze. I don't hate weed but i dont like the person I've become, and i miss the power, confidence and inner strength i used to have as a teenager. Sorry for the pointless comment i just wanted to vent.

  3. it works differently for everyone. I "stop" a little now and then for months or weeks and hang out with my friends anyway. Everyone works differently and my friends are quite productive although they smoke weed. I like to be in control of my "addiction" so I take a break for at least a week a month and that habit has made it into months without even thinking about it.

  4. Today is my first day, ojj things are totally fucked, stomach is dead and i dont feel like eating, i didnt eat since yesterday and when i smell food i feel like throwing up 😔😔, pray for me guys please

  5. I smoked weed regularly and heavily for 25 years. I quit completely over 2 years ago but I've had 2 relapses since, one about 6 months after I quit and another one a year later. Are relapses normal in quitting?

  6. How to quit weed in one step. Don't smoke weed. Simple. You're welcome. Stop being a little bitch. Don't hang out with people who does. You need better friends and no friends is better then drug addict friends.

  7. Thanks for the insights, i strongly agree that abusing weed or hash may hurt your psychological health and change your perception of life, but weed has been proven to have benefits for health e.g. CBD which is not psychoactive substance. greetings from Morocco !

  8. CBD oil is a good replacement when trying to quit weed and for general health. There’s no high and it actually can help initiate neurogenenesis and help heal the brain from the damage of the thc.

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