1. I just accidently hit the dislike button. I was following this advice to the core and coughed so much and my lungs exited out of my cough and my hands were shaking so bad I clicked the wrong button. I'm to scared to try and HIT another button I might hit the report and deport one.

  2. Ive always done like a cross between a MTL and lung hit with my pod vapes. I’ll still pull mostly into my mouth, but I’ll still be pulling slightly with my lungs as well to get bigger hit, instead of just pulling on it like a straw

  3. does the nicotine rush make your eyes bug out- you aint the first person I've seen with those bug eyes and vaping issues– dude -smoke some natural tobacco…this is estupido

  4. Maan, i was smoking my stuff, then vaped and thinking about, there is probably on a youtube, could be a video "a proper path of vaping" now im here and watching it, arr you fking serious?!?! X_X rofl

  5. Well, i got a Juul, and i received an Aspire Tigon today, everything you said here, i can do fine on the juul, no problem, if i do the same thing on the Tigon, i'm coughing like crazy, it just kills the back of my throat, what am i doing wrong?

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