1. I grow all organic non-gmo in soil and food grade equipment and never pesticides , but I still rinse my buds (plain clean gentle room temp water bath only) . Just to rinse off any surface impurities . Most things become MORE Toxic when burned! Many choose a more chemical grow style and think it all just magically goes away at harvest (it doesn't!). Outdoor crops are always washed (fruits,veggies and other) and inspected for quality , Why wouldn't people expect the same with a plant used topically,ingested,smoked,vaped or whatever , especially when any chemical/pesticides are used. (not all pesticides/fertilizers/products are meant for use on ingested/smoked plants)You don't clean the Forrest , you clean what is brought in from outside before putting it in your body . Outdoors or inside, many things unseen will find their way to plants(especially when sprayed on) , Most people just don't want to smoke it. Many just grow a few plants for privet use at home (not a lab), and life can be messy anywhere, so a rinse shouldn't be unheard of . Have a great day all you dirty bud smokers out there , I'll stick with my NON-GMO,NON-PESTICIDE/CHEMICAL , All organic triple rinsed hippy home grown.

  2. Thanks for the video man.. but I gotta add you should remove this video and redo it without the firearm in it. Even if you are licensed for cannabis its still illegal for you have both and you're Incriminating yourself. I enjoy your videos .thank brotha

  3. Should smell go away after you wash? I washed my buds using your method and the smell faded I feel I just want to know does dat mean I messed up or does the smell come back once it’s fully dried

  4. TwizTD RooTZ, awesome of you to film all the way to the residual left-over nastiness remaining in the bins when you're done washing & rinsing your buds. That's gross, and I've personally been talking to everyone I know and on an online message-board or 2 about all the gross bug-poop, empty bug body-shells, chunks of dirt, hairs & lint, pistil-mold, other types of mold, and even tiny shards of blue plastic (tarp?)… I see these things with my cheap little handheld microscope on MORE THAN HALF of the bud I've been buying– and that includes bud from different growers in medical dispensaries that allegedly "test" their product against such things… And so many people are nay-sayers in denial, because if you check your bud, microscopes don't lie. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to make this vid & share it; you've inspired me to add this important step of bud-harvesting in my upcoming video series, but with an added twist! Thanks, Brother! I'll be sure to give you a shout in my vid & when it drops!

  5. I had not ever done this with my precious legal harvest. I only get 3 plants in a season. But after watching this video a few times I did this with my outside bud just yesterday. I was weary to be honest, but saw you do it so I trusted the process. I hung them up to dry after a very thorough washing, even squeezing the buds a bit. This morning, 12 hours later, and upon close inspection the buds look exactly the same only clean as heck! They got 3 hours of direct fan on low power yesterday too, which is a must. Thanks for this great video!

  6. Peroxide will oxidize the thc since thats what oxide does, baking soda would clean and disinfect along with lemon juice except they dont mix well, u know acid and base, like vinegar and bakeing SODA?! They cancel each other out, epson salt would be better but it could leave a taste

  7. I have a feeling that the same effect can be accomplished by using only water. If you have a 3% solution of H2O2 and add it to 2 gallons of water it's going to be diluted to the point that it's completely ineffective at producing what people think of as a "cleansing" emulsion, but may actually be blessing in disguise.

    That foam being produced by H2O2 is a chemical reaction triggered by an enzyme called catalase. What you're observing is the Peroxide splitting into H2O and O2.

    This is an extreme oxidation event in living organisms. OK if you don't mind killing a few million of your healthy cells and increasing the size of scar tissue in order to destroy some dangerous germs. But when applied to cannabis the oxidation destroys terpenes and burns the plant.

    Even when dissolved this much you're still going to have this chemical reaction. You just might not see it. And it might not be so severe. But it's still a bad idea.

    I also don't see how lemon or lime juice can be "antibacterial" or antimicrobial considering that both contain a variety bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

    What made me think about this specifically is a type of bacteria which exists within lemons that, when ingested by IV drug users (to make their drugs soluble in water), causes permanent blindness.

    Obviously this isn't an issue for anyone else but it just shows that there's nothing about lemons which kills off any microbes.

    Good thing he was using pasteurized lime juice, I guess… Although I'm pretty sure the mold that's being germinated on the buds is gonna enjoy eating it while using the plant as a substrate.

    After you get the flower wet you're probably germinating more mold spores than you could have hoped to destroy using this technique. And adding lime juice might be akin to adding a bit of mushroom food to the nugs.

    If mold enjoys eating the soap off our towels it probably loves eating juice off a plant.

    But I'd still rather not ingest all that dust, hair, bug parts, and other nasty stuff that gets stuck to these plants…

    So wtf are we supposed to do? Just wash in plain water?

    I'm gonna have to think about it and get back here to update later.

  8. I'm pretty sure he meant aspergillosis, not tuberculosis. You can get aspergillosis from inhaling the spores of /any kind/ of mold. It really depends on the individuals lungs, age, and medical history.

    TB is caused by mycobacterium, which could be cohabitating alongside one of the thousands of species of indoor mold (which also happen to be black), but the mold itself isn't TB.

  9. Indoor is way better than outdoor, not to mention faster turn around time and 4 to 1 harvest a year compared to outdoor, also can control the environment with indoor which you obviously can't do with outdoor weed!

  10. Great video. Lots of ignorance up in this comment section, it’s obvious lots of experts on here have never grown a day in their life or understand the processing behind their weed.

  11. If any bud has to be "washed" Im sure its def not worth smoking. No patient should have to deal with buds that can't be grown in a healthy environment. I've never had dog/human hairs, mold or any crap lodge in it to were i have to drown it. I do spray my leafs with a hydrogen peroxide solution though for mites and thrips always works.

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