‘I Don’t Know Why People Persist In Thinking It’s Good For The Brain,’ Says Psychiatrist Of Marij…

The co-author of a study that linked the casual use of marijuana to major changes in the brain explains that the drug’s psychoactive compound, THC, …


  1. I think medical marijuana can be used for teens, but I wouldn't recommend it if it's not needed. When I was 13 I was in a bad situation, became suicidal and self harmed and no one cared. I developed an eating disorder at 14, and lost my appetite completely. If I didn't smoke marijuana when I did, at 14 and even now, I promise you I would be dead. 100%. It saved my life, I smoked a bowl everytime I was close to self harming/suicide/relapsing with my eating disorder. And every single time I didn't feel like I wanted to after. It does not fix the problem, but I'm able to get through the urges until I can work on them with a counselor. I wasn't able to get help until 16. I would not be here today if I didn't smoke marijuana. But I did not let it affect my job or school in any way. This dude is making marijuana look bad as most Dr Phil episodes tend to do.

  2. Two extremes. I think the truth is in the balance between. It's more about who uses it and how and why they do. Kids and young adults need space to develop good grounding. After that, even alcohol, which is one of the dirtiest most socially-sickening drugs, can be used responsibly and so can weed.

  3. Weed for chronic pain can be very effective. But we all know how Drs would rather right pain meds. If u miss a dose of marijuana, you DONT go into withdrawal. Miss a dose of your pain med, your thrust into severe withdrawal. Wake up! And no, I don’t even smoke weed. But this KID should not be either

  4. Hallucinogenic properties really??? Your little bastard is smoking more than some weed. Also i love how most of these experts dont smoke or ever had smoked. A psychiatrist is for your feelings and medications towards that not medically accurate.

  5. The worst thing for the brain is psychiatric drugs. I’d rather do marijuana than be dehumanised and disabled from psychiatrist drugs that have ruined so many people’s lives

  6. I don’t think that people understand that cannabis effects everyone differently. While it can make some people calm and happy, it can make other people agitated, angry, confused, and even send them into a state of psychosis. While one person can be extremely high functioning on cannabis, it can completely debilitate others. And either way, no person under the age of 21 should be using any drug recreationally.

  7. A degree doesnt really mean much in every situation. Studies show marijuana isnt that harmful. It sti contains the toxic smoke like Cigerates but compared to them its harmless.

    When you introduce vaping that harmfulness drastically decreases.

    Considering that weed can be used medically and is proven to benefit many people with anxiety and othet issues, all I can really say is the man in the video is eseentially crying wolf.

    And anything can be addicting, we get addicted to so many things. Just look at how we use phones and over eat in the U.S.

    Saying something is bad isn't going to change anyones habits and beliefs. There is no record of someone dying because of weed itself and the studies prove you're more likely to die from a cabdy machine falling on you than smoking.

    The kid's problems stem from other issues. Dr. Phil should stick to what he knows. I can find another Harvard's graduate with the same degree who would disagree with the one in this videi.

  8. I did notice that Dr. Phil didn't even bother to bring up his disdain for cannabis when he was on the Joe Rogan podcast, he only goes hard at underage teenagers cause he knows they are too stupid to defend cannabis at such a young age. Dr. Phil is at least smart enough to stay in his place on the subject of cannabis when he's sitting in front of someone who's educated on it.

  9. i understand fully that a teenager shouldn’t be smoking cannabis ‘just to chill’ being that they continue to grow physically, mentally, emotionally etc. using cannabis as often as this young man has at the age he is can definitely create hiccups that can alter his life transitions. despite that, this doesn’t mean that an adult doesn’t have the capacity to use cannabis in a medicinally beneficial way or have the ability to administer it to their child in a beneficial way that doesn’t result in dependency. i’m 23 years old and i work within the medical cannabis industry as a budtending dispensary agent. i have patients that range in age as young as 8 or 9 (administered by their adult caregivers) all the way to age 98. they come in for a variety of problematic issues whether they be physical, emotional, psychological, etc. i’ve been able to see a number of instances where the patient seems to be overmedicating and producing poorer life quality for themselves but in over 90% of the patients i have, i’m conveyed astronomically positive results with the use of cannabis. many people also don’t realize that cannabis contains other cannabinoids that have additional medical benefit without the impairment or “high” such as CBD, CBN, THC-A/CBD-A (acidic precursor to THC; THC-A turns into THC after the process of decarboxylation). ontop of that, cannabis contains what are called terpenes. terpenes are also found in many common plants, fruits, and trees. they are aromatic molecules found within the trichomes in the cannabis plant that combine with THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to produce a synergetic or “dualistic” entourage effect. for example, a strain of cannabis containing higher percentages of myrcene and b-caryopyllene are more earthly in smell/flavor and they have shown to relieve body pain, inflammation, insomnia, muscle relaxation, anxiety, ptsd, etc. a strain high in pinene and limonene can bring energy, focus, uplifted mood, alertness, etc. there are even terpenes such as humulene that have shown promising results in promoting cancer cell death. when these terpenes are combined with THC, CBD, etc., they provide deep relief that one can feel within their body as well as their mind or head (as it pertains to sativas, indicas and hybrids). if one doesn’t want to smoke, there are multiple other methods of delivery that can provide the same medical benefit such as sublinguals, edibles, vapes (not black market, tested dispensary-grade), tinctures, patches, topicals, etc.

    i’m not saying that cannabis can not be abused because i know it can be. we can abuse anything if we use or do too much of it. but this doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye on the medical side of a plant that has the ability to grow straight from the earth. it may not be developed in a lab and created by humans as are pharmaceuticals, but at least it produces a single natural relief with the ability to help many people get off countless body-harming medications, procedures or other remedies that have shown little to no benefit. not to forget that every single product we sell within our dispensary is tested and approved within labs that send us each and every result so we can express as much transparency as possible with our patients.

    edit: this isn’t a rant, i’m just trying to throw a little piece of the other view out there. take it as you wish, i’m not here to argue.

  10. Weed, in moderation, can be helpful.
    As a disabled, chronic pain sufferer, it helps.
    It helps for anxiety, helps for a lot.
    I prefer CBD, which has the benefits without the THC, and it HELPS. It helps dogs with health problems.
    Using weed A TON is BAD.

  11. I think it’s adorable that “Dr” Phil is pushing anti-cannabis propaganda. I think it’s charming that he thinks people don’t see right through his false narrative and obvious propaganda.

  12. Something definitely affects your brain. There are casual users and heavy users – and the casual users wish they could be heavy users but can't afford to smoke as often due to work or school or money.

  13. Anyone can can addicted to anything. There are people addicted to things that aren’t even drugs. As a marijuana supporter and someone who does smoke marijuana for mental illness and anxiety, I do not support buying it from from unreliable sources, smoking it all day everyday/in excess, or smoking it at a young age. It’s crazy hour kids smoke weed and how often they do. It scares me.

  14. Okay I'm on the fence. It certainly can do damage if you aren't careful and it does affect academics, but you're demonizing it beyond reason. If you could design 1 compound to mess up academics it would be THC? What about crack? Heroin? Crocodil? Bath salts? There are any number of compounds out there far worse. No I don't agree with this kids lifestyle but I certainly think they should be tried being a little less extreme in their expression…

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