1. Kelsey, I can’t thank you and Lara enough for your chronic pain series. It made me feel understood and sane. But this video, this video changed my life. I was having 5-15 migraines a month, and headaches everyday. After watching this video I immediately talked to my mom and headed to our local CBD store. Within a month, I noticed a change in my headache frequency. Since starting, I’ve had 11 migraines since January 2019. It’s November. That’s ONE a month.
    Recently, I’ve had a lot of neck and joint pain and I’ve been referred to a Rheumatologist to find the cause of my chronic pain. But, even on the worst days when pain medicine from doctors doesn’t help, CBD oil at least takes the edge off enough for me to stop crying and be able to move. I could cry I feel so happy and thankful for CBD oil and it’s relief. So Kelsey, thank you. My life changed thanks to CBD oil, and I really got pushed to try it after this video.

  2. I like this video. I think it should have been only serious and medical. She shouldn't have joked about getting high and showing that part of medical marijuana. This video is mostly for the closed minded older crowd. Therefore they will not be convinced by seeing bongs, smoking flower and getting hella high off edibles. Lol there should have been 2 separate videos for the two crowds. The message is perfect. I am a mmj patient and it is way better than taking pills. Med marijuana replaces 5 different pills and solves the problem in 5 seconds after use

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  4. When it comes to the CBD tinctures or just CBD in GENERAL, it’s not something that will work immediately. Think of it as eating a healthy meal. You wouldn’t expect to see the effects immediately of getting healthy if you only ate it once in awhile or ate a bunch in one day. CBD needs to be taken consistently in order to experience the pain relieving effects. I’m a bud tender and Im curious as to why they didn’t tell her that.
    Another thing they could have done was give her a range of products of what we call a “formula” so for example as soon as she starts feeling pain, the vape will come in handy because it can relieve her pain immediately. Now as she said, it didn’t last long so they could have given her a MILD edible to take at the same time as she started to vape so that she can FUNCTION lololol and when the vape wore off, the edible would be kicking in for hours and would continue aiding in her pain relief. And then a cherry on top would just be the topicals she can apply 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for doing this video! I also have neuropathy in my legs referred from endometriosis. I had no idea that my pain could morph into nerve pain from endometriosis. I, thankfully, live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and I am a part of the program. The only problem I’m having with it is that it’s such a competitive market so it’s SUPER expensive. Even on assistance it’s $50 to get into the program and that doesn’t include the actual products which are over priced for what I get. It didn’t help at all. I’m still in the program, but it’s just not working too great for me. Thank you so much for spreading awareness about this issue!

  6. They want people to die you fucking morons who are against it your are sheep and need to shut your dumbasses up its not legal because it would be the way healther alternative to everything thats legal and will kill you like use your brain before you say its bad goddamn sheep I swear.

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