Illegal for your Vet to Prescribe CBD and THC?

Dr Jones Free Book: CBD and THC, medical marijuana products are proving to be very helpful for an array of pet health …


  1. My Allie LOVES your CBD oil!! One drop knocks her out! I’m so happy that it’s good for inflammation as well, and that I don’t have to worry about paying for Rimadyl anymore, which is harmful!! Thank you for all you do!! You’re such a blessing, Doc! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. That’s crazy! I have used CBD on my dog’s SLO outbreaks. He was able to rest comfortable and he looked more relaxed, how can that be illegal to recommend? It’s not like animals need to run heavy equipment, drive or make critical decisions so why is this illegal to recommend?

  3. You are SUCH a good DOCTOR…But I am concerned…YOU DON'T LOOK WELL YOUR SELF! I hope you are ok and not going through a crisis…WE LOVE YOU! Seek support if that is what you need… because WE NEED YOU!! YOU MATTER TO THIS UNIVERSE! You ARE making a difference! The animals need you too…and it is apparent that they are your primary purpose. Please keep educating us! We NEED YOU!

  4. I just ran into an issue like this 3 months ago, actually, the oncologist smirked at me when I asked. Her comment was " yes that's the new rave now (smirk), but I'm not allowed to give you any kind of advice on that". She also pointed to an article on her wall that she could not even discuss it. I live in CT. Let's face it, it's big Pharma!

  5. I love your videos Dr. Jones!
    I've tried giving my 15yr old 'Jug' CBD oil but the carrier oils give him diarrhea. Would tincture/cream work to help alleviate pancreatitis symptoms/discomfort?

  6. You are so awesome!! I love your channel and have learned a LOT from you that has made my dog Max's life so much healthier. I am from Canada (lived in Cranbrook) and now i live in LA so its very, very easy to get high grade medicinal CBD with or without THC.

    Max, a corgi, is 17 years old and has arthritis, so I started using tumeric and CBD (no THC) and it helped a bit. I ran out of the tumeric and CBD at the same time and didnt implement the CBD back into his routine immediately and it showed. Poor Max was limping again. I did a lot of research and heard that CBD well work better if it has some THC in it so I bought a brand called "Vet CBD" and it immediately made a HUGE difference. Max plays, runs and his demeanor is so happy now. It seems that he's not in pain anymore. Im don't usually write reviews but thats my experience and Max is happy, healthy and not in pain. I love my Max ?

  7. I suffer from chronic arthritis and I take CBD oil drops and have creams for my back. I am off pain killers and quite frankly if my little dog (a cross Lhaso Apso/pug – with little legs and a long back) developed a problem in future I would definitely use CBD oil for her – no question. But of course it the same old story big pharma they just want you to keep pumping junk into your dog. My little girl is seven now and I will do everything I can to keep her healthy – no junk food – no chip (apparently the latest concern is tumours growing around the implant – no – surely not!!!!!!!!! really – its a foreign body – so how does the body treat invaders. Common sense really. Also chips can be taken out – if its a valuable dog and it's been stolen they will do that before they can sell it. God help us all. Keep alert.

  8. Online buy from Lazarus Naturals. Prices are lower then anyone elses. You can get pet formula from them or just the regular & dilute it with MCT oil for the proper strength. Also, they have a major discount program for vets, disabled and low income people, 60% off their regular low prices on all products including pets.

  9. As a licensed nurse, I was THRILLED to have the opportunity to work with/for a new veterinarian in my small town. People asked why I didn't take a job at the hospital or clinical setting. Frankly, because I loved working in the veterinary hospital. I was fortunate to have a good job with a local veterinarian who had recently opened his own practice & loved to teach. I learned SO MANY things from Dr. Smith
    After about 5+ years, I needed something that paid substantially better wages. I can honestly say that the things I learned while at the veterinary hospital were more helpful than anything I learned in school or even in clinicals. I now face the decision to return to western medicine or find something else. To be honest, I wish with all my heart to return to the quaint, small town veterinary hospital/Clinic but, Unfortunately, I can't make the same money I can make practicing Western medicine. Nothing I've ever done in western medicine has ever prepared me for the life I would have loved to contribute to & explore at the small town veterinary hospital. I made the choice I felt I had to make. There's simply not enough money in veterinary medicine to provide for the veterinary staff & Dr. So, I reentered Western medicine in effort to generate the money needed to pay for our necessities. But, if you only knew how much I preferred to stay at the Clinic/Hospital. I was so blessed to work with a veterinarian who loved to teach…and teach he did, at every opportunity. The things I learned during those early years at the animal hospital have proved invaluable. Dr. Jones reminds me of the the Dr. I worked with all those years ago. I'm so blessed to have experienced first hand, the wisdom that came from a doctor who cared for his clients & employees and wished to provide the very best. I miss those days. Dr Jones clearly loves these animals and wants only what is best for them & their "hoomans". I never miss a video because he's so AWESOME and clearly cares. You might never know what he has sacrificed to make the videos, sharing his wisdom & knowledge with us for $0.00 Thank you, Dr. Jones. You're definitely one of (two of) my heroes ?❤ God bless !!

  10. So while I live in WA state with our recreational marijauna laws, I had hoped my vet would help me make the best CBD oil choice for my 100lb lab who has knee issues and limps. But I quickly learned that she cannot discuss it with us, in the end she just wrote another perscription for another medication. It was sad. I hope the laws change soon. Until then, I will just have to rely on the information I am given from the cannabis store employees.
    So far Tobey seems happier, still limps, but more willing to get up and hobble.
    Thank you for your information,….. "legal" or not.

  11. You're awesome! Thank you for posting and making me feel safer using cbd with my dog for an old torn ligament injury! Helps her run and play like a young pup again and she just turned 12! Your vids are always informative! Love tuning in

  12. Thanks Doc for telling the truth and not backing down. I bought your physical book Veterinary Secrets Natural Health for Dogs and Cats and it's fantastic. I'm not old but still old school that I like to hold the actual book in my hands. Anyway, I'm using your supplement Ultimate Canine and it's been really good for both my little old dogs. I'm going to buy the Advanced Ultimate Canine when it comes in the Economy Size. Your videos are so informative and useful. Thanks again.

  13. It is so wonderful how your eyes just light up when you are giving your attention to your dog. I have seen this in every video and it is so obvious how much you love your dog/animals! I loved the recreation of the "typical vet" conversation with "open minded pet owner." Really hit home, would love to see more of those! It's all about financial profit. That is all that matters. Not the actual well being of humans and animals.

  14. You are absolutely 100% correct because I just went through this a few months ago. I won't even bother telling you how AFTER being billed over 1k I was looked at as though I was getting my information from Mars…..Anyhow, bought CBD Oil 500mg strength and give my baby 4 drops in the morning and 4 at night (20lb yorkie-poo) seizures are less frequent, don't last as long and my baby is more playful than before…..

  15. Thank you for making this video.. There is such history on animals that seek it out in the wild.. They have done so naturally forever ..long before people .. Shall they keep going against natural benefits animals knew about since the caveman days ??

  16. My cat Fluffy was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth last year in November. I asked the vet about using cannabis oil, and he was like "uh, I'm not sure if that would help besides, there are no case studies and it's not legal on a federal level. So I told him I would do alternative therapy at home anyways. So far, so good! He's eating and sleeping well but, he still has the mouth deformity. The oils THC/CBD are keeping him comfortable and I will continue with his alternative palliative care until he goes up to the rainbow bridge. ? ?

  17. I got some gummy bears with CBd but so far she's not impressed with the smell, so I am using the gummies. .I'll have to find some ticture for my girl who has joint pain in her back leg. Remadyl just made her hyper and she acted like she was starving all the time, tho she had her 2 meals. And I have to watch her matronly figure for she tends to carry some extra pounds, but she's happy n healthy.

  18. Yeah I’d also like to know why it’s not mentioned as a recommended cure of using mms or as a alternative solution for f.i.p infection/disease in felines possibly other breeds and species that it amazingly cures and treats…so many other diseases in cats/dogs and many other animals, as well as all people it cures and along with diseases to the common cold , mercilessly instead the vets have the nerve to look you in the face not question anything in there own scientific study fields, and say there’s nothing they can do, there going to die, when in fact there is hope , as always it’s best to do your research before doses, I honestly felt better after ordering him book before dosing! but it basically cures everything known to man, woman,child, and animal! It Literally pisses me off to know end that any medical corporations could purposely hide this! For more info look up g2 voice on YouTube..order Jim’s recent book for proper doses! And episode #52 for more knowledge on animals! Hope this helps! I’m spreading the word after being lied to by the vets with having no alternative cures told to me by them! a week on mms dosage properly I’ve seen improvements! Best wishes to you all.. from a pissed off lied to citizen!

  19. I have been giving my dogs both CBD oil for four months now. One LilBitt 3 lbs is blind has it yes he's still on that phyB and a backup to help it work. While now on CBD oil he has had two siezers moments apart a week ago. However they both lasted about 4 seconds and they have slowed to ever 3-6 months. Wow you can get CBD oil without the THC for your animals. Go online I use holistapet .com As well in The USA you can get both by ordering online or some places having but not advertised.
    Is simply makes no sense why in Canada you could not but I wouldn't want my dogs to have 100% meaning with THC.
    My sister blows when she smokes with their dog in the room @ 16 she's doing great.

  20. i see it helped alot of dogs out there i wish you were my vet my dog zoey was eating her dog food this moring and she barked and got some food in her throut she was coughing and gaging i read in your book to use honey and lemon and water for a cough and she is doing better she ate her supper and she is doing good i love what you do for animals using home remedies when someting is wrong i always check your book first your an awesome vet i would like to have you for my animals ::)
    i didn't know you were on instagram i started to follow you on there to 🙂

  21. I forgot to mention that I was in a Pet store about two weeks ago (not mentioning the name for fear of something happening to them) that is organic friendly, who are selling a complete line of CBD now!

  22. Here in California, there's a few different pet cbd. Brands.. One of them I used was called "My Best Bud " products & another Brand is called "Vet Cbd" I believe they both have websites you can order from & PLEASE EVERYONE TRY BONE MARROW SOUP for arthritis in dogs.. Bells is basically gone now, I give it to her weekly. A BIG Bowl mixed with no grain crunchies

  23. As long as people continue to be terrified to use Natural cures, we won't see much change. Even in Colorado people are so blind to how pot works BETTER than many drugs! You've got some gonads Doc! Thank you for this video, hopefully it will open some eyes. We make CBD oil that is CURING cancer and many other illness and disease but because of Fed laws, we have a difficult time helping people get what they need. Laws must change.

  24. The evil corporation's are trying to monopolize on Cannabis all of a sudden, now that they realize there's plenty of money to be made. Then you have our "so called" federal government allowing it so they too can gain financially!!

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