Inchworm's CBD Oil Vape Experience?

This video is not intended to serve as either an endorsement or indictment of CBD oil products. It’s a warning that any time a person puts a product into an …


  1. You don't hear people talking about the negatives of smoking/vaping CBD or marijuana and I feel like that creates a false stigma around true bad reactions! They do happen & they can (even though it is rare) induce severe mental health disorders in people who are already predisposed especially at ages between 19-25. I'm not anti-marijuana at all but I do think, just like with prescription drugs, people should be made aware of the possible good & bad outcomes. There is definitely a false sense of security when it comes to pot!

  2. First, need to see lab tests to check if their CBD is what it says it is… Reputable companies have every batch analyzed in the lab for heavy metals and mold/fungus.
    The recent Farm Act has made Hemp legal in all 50 States so Buyer Beware!!
    I use a CBD Vape product to help me sleep as it does have a relaxing effect. Company has been around since 2014 and will send each Lot's lab results for the CBD grown and the oil extracted. Not as simple as it seems when purchasing.
    Sounds like Inchworm had a paranoid reaction as one might with THC, the psychoactive competent of marijuana. The plants are related so this is highly possible. So, the product he used may have had greater than .03% THC in it.
    One last thought… Smoking/Vaping is the FASTEST AND STRONGEST way for drugs to enter the blood stream so the effect is very fast & strong… Stronger than IV drug use! Most are unaware of this fact.
    Corinne Smith
    NYS Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor #5232 Emeritus

  3. I never tried CBD but I have researched it. You have to know where you get the oil from, such as what company refined the oil, what is their process of extraction. Are you using the legal limit of THC? Is you oil with THC or without? Is it just hemp oil which is a downgrade of the much purer and potent CBD? I have never heard of someone vaping CBD oil. You smoke pot not CBD oil. I'm sorry to hear about what you experienced and that it is still persisting. It sounds to me that it could have been laced with something else. I pray that you will start to feel better.

  4. I had this with torodol. It was an allergic reaction. It happened to me 3 years ago and have depersonalization derealization left from it.

    I use cbd vape daily because of severe reactions to meds. It has given my life back from ehlers danlos and daily migraine.

  5. 🙏 Inchworm so VERY thankful you are doing okay. You had a horrible reaction. I've told Dr. Gilmore that I have tried it as Prescribed by my Pain Doctor in Upstate New York. I found NO PAIN RELIEF at all. It only made me feel impared. I do not like Feeling impared!!! And it also made my heart race and I was dizzy. Thank you for sharing your story. A New York Dr. Gilmore fan 👍who finds Pain Relief for my Neuropathy from META-SEVEN!!!! 👌♥️

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