Indica vs. Sativa – is there a difference? | Weed Easy

It’s the eternal stoner debate: indica or sativa. For generations we’ve associated indicas with couchlocked sedation, and sativas with uplifting effects, leaving …


  1. think the provided info is up to date, by crossing strains all genetic aspects of the three different species have been mixed.. ..nowadays a sativaterpentene profile can look like an indica.. btw why the hell is it neccesary to call "the wrong interpretation of the terpentene effect " dangerous? the up sativa and couch Indie is such a settlled and well known aspect.. find this hole article anoying in approach.

  2. So you drop a video like this, yet publish trash articles like this that make NO sense whatsoever? (Which btw, idk why you would link this video in this article lol)

    So basically what The Growth Op wants people to know is that even though it's common knowledge that indicas/hybrids are a lot more preferable to patients with anxiety, all of a sudden "NO, SATIVA IS BETTER FOR ANXIETY! Oh btw, indicas and sativas aren't even real lol". This is why I hate pot culture. All you dumb fucks talking about weed like it's some magical miracle cure for ever disease and disorder under the sun, yet contradict your own claims backed by "science" every chance possible.

    Also side note; just because something can be considered medicine doesn't mean that it can't be abused/neglected/and Misunderstood. In a perfect world, you wouldn't have to know every terpene and cannabinoid in your bud before consuming it. If it's for MEDICAL REASONS, then your doctor should already know what's right for you. As for recreational use, why not just stick with umbrella terms? What good would it do the common cannabis consumer to know every tiny detail about the literal hundreds of strains in the world? I would say most people don't give af about the tannins in their wine and just go for gold. You're peddling this dumb cannabis culture for no good reason other than to make a profit and make casual pot smokers look absolutely retarded. Maybe it's time to put down the blunt and start being more consistent. Or even better, just let people get high and figure it out for themselves if need be. Darwinism is a dead meme for mankind and we have 7billion people. We should at least let people experience a bad cannabis experience so they learn to educate themselves without being spoonfed by braindead idiots like yourselves. Stupid people get away with too much.

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