1. Only an observation.
    Turn your viewing window around so you're not looking at yourself so much.
    Makes for a better video.
    I'll be putting this to use tonight. Thanks.
    Can I substitute with top shelf tequila?

  2. Can u use any other kind of alcohol in the step the break down the cellulose walls & aiding in extracting the THC? I don't want to have to buy alcohol for that & all I think we have is a 90 proof whiskey a good whiskey but would that work? Anyone have any ideas?

  3. Thank Allah I found this video just made the best olive oil sublingual tincture for my autistic son…this method is the best one I've tried so far…so simple and easy..May Allah bless you and your family

  4. Hey Melanie, I love your videos so easy to follow along to. I used this recipe and my coconut oil is now liquid even when cool… did I turn it into fractionated oil? Anyone else have this phenomenon? Not an issue just curious if this is the usual result

  5. Hi, I followed your recipe and my oil feels a lot weaker than I expected. Do you think the 60 min decarb was too long? According to that graph floating around on the internet, it appears 20 mins at 240 degrees is optimum and everything after that is degrading THC. have you any thoughts or experience on this? Here is a great website on it https://greencamp.com/decarboxylation/ Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Tried this recipe out yesterday and while it made for some moist brownies, didn't feel the full effects of the thc. Maybe I should have used more water and covered my mason jar while decarbing or infusing it for a longer time after adding coconut oil?

  7. curiosity … why is the ever clear added to plant material before infusing with coconut oil? I love my instant pot for its versatility. Thank you for cool video, elevating the IP's purpose in my kitchen….

  8. Your making it to weak you also decarbed at to high temp never decarb over 200 or you burn the terpenes and some other canabinoids and cbd use lown slow method I guarantee you wasted your quarter ounce

  9. Great video ! Could just be me but I find oils are tricky AF. I’m either just relaxed (like more a CBD then psychoactive) or just too potent that I’m knocked out solid ! I didn’t use the grain alcohol in mine – wondering if that had any impact on the potency . Something about alcohol in a glass in a hot pot scares me . ?

  10. Did you use something at the bottom so the jar does not touch the bottom of the instapot? Worried about the jar busting. Also do you know if any difference in potency if you used the slow cooker to infuse for overnight vs doing a half hour on pressure cook? I've done some overnight infusion in a crockpot with Mason jars and good results. Great video thank you for posting!

  11. I got my instant pot for Christmas and found your channel a couple weeks ago looking to see if I can decarb in it. How much would you say it stinks to decarb on a 1-10 10 being the stinkiest? Your channel is awesome. I moved from Baltimore to nova a few years ago and will probably head back to md because I more than qualify for medical and this state is pretty intolerant. Keep up the good work. Looks like you are having fun doing it.
    Edit: also, how much kief would you use instead of flower?

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