1. Lol vaping crisis vaping epidemic the sky is falling the sky is falling OMG we need the tyranny of government to violently take away our freedom so we can be better slaves. Hyperbolic lies

  2. My cousin and I were smoking oil. It tasted great. Like fruity pebbles. I told him that this stuff was pretty thin. He said it was cut with turpentine.. I stopped smoking it.. I told him to so the same. That was up there in Washington. He said he got it from a club..

  3. I know why weed is illegal.
    It was Progressives and large synthetic chemical companies (ie Dupont), today add in maga pharmaceutical companies.
    And industries like clothes, rope, paper, sack/bag, and a few others helped by accepting bribery money to switch off of cannabis.
    You can not have a natural plant that grows anywhere keeping you from monopolised profits.

  4. Vaping Epidemic? You mean like the tomato epidemic? So many people are eating tomatoes these days. It must be an epidemic. Vaping is stupid and so is smoking cigarettes and alcohol. Alcohol is an actual "Epidemic" no outcry about it.

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