1. Yea orcas are the apex predators in the water, they are smart and know exactly what they want, the liver, intestines etc. Orcas will ram a great white stunning it, and will then flip the shark over to paralyze it because when a shark is turned over/upside down they become immobilized in a trance like state due to "tonic immobility"

  2. Lol mantis get fucked up by so many things. Rats kill the shit out of these. Joe should watch these get fucked up by other bugs. They for the most part can't even break your skin ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  3. Joe is definitely high here. Like tired high. Think he zoned out during that whole porpoise joke. I almost zoned out too because I was wanting to hear about dmt.

  4. When I first got this notification I'm the notification bar on my phone it just had "What if bugs.." I was hoping it was going to be "What if bugs did DMT"

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