1. I like Josh Homme and all, but he is almost as bad at telling a story as I am. I mean, I'm really bad at telling a story. It's not that I'm bad at telling a story, per se, it's just that I tend to go off on tangents. Speaking of tangents, have any of you seen the Mandelorian? It's pretty good so far. But anyway, I'm a bad story teller. It's because, like…Oh snap! There was a new Rick and Morty last night. I totes forgot about it. This season is off to a good start. Hopefully it can keep it up the pace that's been set. Anyway…wait…where was I? Rick and Morty…the Mandelorian…Josh Homme…Hmmmm…Uhh…Pffff…Yeah, i don't remember what i was talking about…Something about something…I don't know. Oh well.

  2. When I was younger I was almost stung by a scorpion too. I had left some shorts on the floor over night and when I woke up and decided to put them on I felt something hurt and I quickly took them off and see this huge (that's what I remember, but it wasn't really that big. Like maybe 3 inches) scorpion crawl away. It ended up just pinching me with its pincers.

  3. In az ive been stung by a scorpion twice in 2 years lol not very rare for desert rats. Sting and move son thats their game. Feels like a cigarette burn for an hour than its kinda fun like a sleeping leg

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