JUUL Gets Banned, Pentagon Eyes Keto Diet, & Metformin's Effect on Exercise · Geoff Talk

Earlier this week, San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to ban e-cigarettes in San Francisco. It will be the first city to do so. In the game of …


  1. My body fat is low, about 15%. BMI is around 18. I am a thin man at age 42. I do not want to lose weight. Should I take keto diet? Or should I increase carbohydrates percentage?

  2. Leave it California to screw up real progress in the name of being progressive. Stupid doesn't even begin to describe the level of incompetence at the governing of the people. I successfully used e-cigs to quit real cigarettes over 5 years ago. IT WORKED!!!!!! after 30 years of smoking and trying to quit I was able to finally be free! E-cigs HELPED that effort for sure. Lets just keep glamorizing drug use and the stupidity to brings…..leave it to San Fran to "F" up a wet dream.

  3. The SF supervisor who proposed the ban is from my district. It's low-hanging fruit for him because he doesn't have the political will to make really meaningful changes and improvements in our part of town. I'm not sure whether he is pandering to the largely black community here or just wants to prove he's a savior of black children. I wonder if our BOS is even aware that ecigs and vapes can be purchased in Daly City, which is only a mile from this district.

  4. I am extremely interested in you diving into Metformin. Thousands are taking it. How does it work? What does it hurt? What changes in glucose metabolisim? Thanks for what you do!!!

  5. The city of “it’s okay to throw your needles in the street and shit in public” bans Juul. I used to love SF, but until it regains some semblance of sanity, I and my tourist dollars will go someplace else. It’s called corruption,Jeff, someone didn’t get a bribe.

  6. Jeff Thank you for the video. one mechanism through which metformin reduces insuli resistance is by reducincig ferritin levels inthe body. Also, high LDL because a risk Factor in people who as high ferritin and is not an issue for those with optimal ferritin. Just thought you would like to know.

  7. Paul (biomedical researcher) is paid off. KETO is the natural opposite of Mcdonalds, KFC, etc. They have their restaurants built in their bases. Do you honestly believe these fast food corporations are going to let go so easily?

  8. Idea for Pentagon Keto study
    Two groups, each at least 10 soldiers.
    One group on current military diet another on Keto (with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino as the expert)
    After 2 months send the groups for military exercise in the mountains, where oxygen levels are bit lower. The exercise should be at least two weeks and during this time all possible data should be collected.
    Beginning with how much food they have to bring with them or carry around. They also could use fitness tracker to measure their fatigue level and other data.
    I think we all know the outcome of this (future) study.

  9. The idea that the military is robbing you of free will by improving your diet is a joke. They already do this in the field with MREs, but the MREs are based off of a standard american diet. Unless I'm mistaken, when you are deployed and eating on base, they basically decide what you get. The idea that they may include a lot less carbs and a whole lot more fat and protein is robbing you of free will… it's just silly.

  10. As usual, perfectly stated and very poignant. would be hard to find funding for studies you requested without some sort of someone standing to make money for people fasting lol. But I’d love to see it too.

  11. In the 1980s the military started going "Low fat" in all of its dining facilities. Now, I think they should just educate service members on the keto diet. Many already do it.

  12. First! HVMN is always on point! VERY interesting that the military recommends the Ketogenic Diet for their recruits. My entire family has followed Keto, and IF with Carnivore cycling since 2017. ???

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