Legal Weed Might Disappear Thanks to Joe Biden | Let Lee Explain

Joe Biden has gone on-record saying that he wants to re-classify marijuana from Schedule 1 (most illegal) to schedule 2 (slightly less illegal). Lee Adams …


  1. If big Pharma took over the marijuana industry. the black market would start growing harvesting and selling marijuana to the masses. Which would cause another prohibition. Because if big cannot sell marijuana over the Shelf to the profit they hope to make. They'd rather just turn it back illegal.

  2. Great explanation. As a seed breeder and owner of I think that with all the revenue thats been created and also all the shops that has open commericially, I am about 95 percent sure and doubt states would allow such a think to happen. Rememeber, before the president can do such a thing he would have to go through congress, Joe do have pull in congress and not saying that it can't happen, but I'm pretty sure the American people would stand up and wouldn't allow it to happen after states have been giving the green light to do as they choose with cannabis. Great video

  3. WHAT IS THE POINT IN GETTING RID OF RECREATIONAL WEED JOE BIDEN WHY DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING DO THIS I just wanna know why he's choosing to do this I'm not pissed off I just want to know what the point is in doing this

  4. This is fake, complete utter bullshit. Sorry but the president can't and wouldn't be able to do this in 4 years not even 8. I don't like him either but damn bro. Reaching?

  5. I think the federal government shouldn't profit from the tax revenue created by the marijuana industry people have been incarcerated with hefty sentences due to marijuana why should the government get anything from it's legalization

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