LINCOLN'S SEIZURES ? // FINALLY Seeing the Doctor!!

Continuing to search for answers about what is causing Lincoln’s seizures, Amanda finally got to meet with the neurologist before preparing for a week in …


  1. Please look into talking with the mom and dad of the Crazy pieces about the CBD oil and how it helps Lincoln. Their daughter may need it on top of her other meds. She is still having absence seizures they may have to use it but are not sure and would like to talk to some one who has used it and how it does. You could help a another little person. I think talking to you could really help them. God bless you!

  2. I know your kids know how lucky they are to have parents like you. Look at the pile of books you get them anytime you guys visit the bookstore. When I was a little kid, my dream life was to be isolated in a library full of books with little human contact, except perharps when I want to eat of course. I'm an introvert by the way. I loved books so much. Unfortunately my parents didn't get me much of them, because of finances, I guess. I smile whenever I see your children shopping for books. It's nostalgic to me because I would have been over the moon if i had that opportunity as a child. Lol. I have tears in my eyes right now. Haha. I can buy my own books now but I hardly have time to read them because of the nature of my job.
    God bless you guys for all the love you show to all your kids. You guys are super parents, and I'm sure they appreciate you for all you do. They're gonna look back on these moments in the future and bless you. I hope you get to see my comment. Lol. Have a great day!

  3. Lincoln is so lucky to have parents like you, Amanda and Stephen Thank you ?

    I see your videos Amanda and I think you're really a good mom ????

    Amanda ??? ??

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