Making THC Vape Juice again with Lil Yellow Bus Honey Liquidizer 2019

I decided to make it stronger and it worked. INSTAGRAM: CANNA_MINK Use MINK420 to save 10% on $40 or more


  1. Good vid. I prefer to make my own juice as well. I use a mil and a half to a gram of product. Comes out nice and not terribly thick, but thick enough to last quite a while. And I subbed. I dig your style, man. You have fun with it. More people need to learn how to do that.

  2. If a gram of shatter has 1000 mg of THC which is equivalent to 1 cartridge at a dispensary, than if you get 4 grams after adding the liquidizer isn’t that only 250 mg of THC per 1ml cartridge. You make more but you ha e to take 4 puffs compared to 1 puff of a 1000 mg cartridge. Basically isn’t it just being watered down?? Thanks

  3. i just purchased to try… nervous though? 3 mystery organic ingredients? i would really like to know what i am putting in my lungs…mineral oil? vitamin E? synthetic vitamin E?

    they assured me that i would not be disappointed

  4. If its not tested dissy and organic/canna derived terps or refined live resin its a complete waste of time IMO. I dont understand why you would buy concintrate just to dilute it!!!

    Just buy syringes of dissilite and make your own carts with Terps if you want to make your own.

    Dispensary carts will be much higher thc percentage than you could ever make doing it this way.

    But each to there own. People used to do this all the time a while back but we have better options now!

    Stay high mate! Love from the UK

  5. Just a warning. The thicker you go, the harder it is for the cotton to vaporize. A better ratio in my opinion is 1.7ml per gram of wax. 2g of wax= 3.4ml 3g of wax= 5.1ml and so on

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