Marijuana advocates continue to push for full legalization

Democratic state Rep. Melissa Sargent and other supporters on Thursday unveiled the latest proposal to fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin. It comes after …


  1. True plus how many women have been raped unconsciously under the influence of marijuana guess you'll have 2 think of something smoother guys after they start smoking lol

  2. I 100% agree that marijuana should b legalized in the state of Wisconsin. I was arrested, spent time in jail, & now am on probation 4 the next 4 year's. All because i got caught with possession of marijuana 3x's. That not only cost our tax payers money, but that money could have went 2 much better things, like 4 instant making our roads better, or how bout finding the real criminals like the people who are robbing at gun point our stores, the people that have been doing the shooting. I not only have seizures, but also have extreme anxiety & when I was able 2 smoke weed I no longer had ANY seizures which I'd been having since I was 22yrs. old which completely stopped once I started using marijuana. And now that I'm unable 2 use it they have started up again. Do u have any clue how scary it is 2 have ur children watch & b the only 1's around u while having a seizure. It's not only scared them, but it's mentally damaged them, & all this could have been prevented by the legal use of weed. PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE CALLED " WEED THE PEOPLE" 2018 it's extremely informative of the benifits of medical marijuana..
    #weedthepeople. Tiffany Plinske

  3. Full legalization, provides tax dollars and keeps jail/law enforcement free to deal with real crimes. IT WILL GIVE THE FARMERS A HUGE BOON. Legalization keeps money in the US, ya know so folk don't have to by from drug cartels. If FARMERS grow it maybe the drug cartels will stop destroying our national forests with pesticides and the filthy camps they leave behind. And oh so much more reasons medically. DO IT.

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