1. Cannabis is one of the worst drugs one can take, its dangerousness lies in its apparent harmlessness, cannabis produces profound negative effects in the human psyche, decreases the IQ and strength of the will,

    people who consume grass become aesthetes, change the way they dress, they are worried about their appearance, they are more subject to the influence of the thoughts of others, they lack mental clarity, and often incur in severe psychiatric syndromes such as paranoid states or panic attacks. When these psycho-pathological conditions are established, smokers often end up treating themselves with the anxiolytics par excellence: opium derivatives and heroin. These things are written in all psychiatric treatises, and are well known to anyone who has worked in the field of drug addiction.
    In the ancient alchemical science, drugs, and therefore also cannabis, are called 'corrosive waters', because these are substances that corrode, corrode the soul, corrode the psyche, corrode the energy, corrode physical health, intent and intelligence.

    All the people I saw start smoking cannabis are qualitatively lapsed, if they studied, their scholastic or university profit fell to minimal levels, if they did some work, they started having problems and failures.

    Probably for a sadhu who has nothing to do all day and from whom it is not required that he should work in some social field or to have responsibilities, to smoke cannabis all day and devoting himself to the contemplative life or to become an idiot may be acceptable, but for a person who must survive in the ruthless western world, smoking cannabis, is the worst thing he can do,

    Cannabis has been touted in the western world to ruin entire generations, because having generations of stupid and desperate people is functional to the system,

    and those who propagate the use of cannabis are criminals.

  2. Hello sir
    Can you please make videos of Vedic mantras for planets and houses of horoscope.their pronunciation and their rishi,diety,kalika.
    I submit my humble request
    Regards 🙏 🙏

  3. Hi Sir.. Please tell more about healing properties, and process of purification? I ate ganja (not smoked) 3 years ago, after frying it in butter and it gave me a wast unexplainable near death experience, but not very much in sync with mainstream society lifestyle.. it was not any intoxicated or high sort of feeling.. And it transformed me completely.. After that I ate "bhola ka gola" few times, it also gave certain experiences with lot of transformative teachings, which are not in sync with mainstream society lifestyle.. Now I decided to use it twice a year only for healing/boost in transformative purpose.. please guide me about it..

  4. Sir …. we could find the pure form of it anywhere … aduletration .. pesticide …and other form of chemical mixing is killing youth . Please highlight it . If u want to promote this . Do margdarshna on this fact .

  5. Bhai Ji.. I used to smoke it till 2014 but now stopped.
    But i know it has changed me forever..
    Without Tobacco it is Amrit.. But when pure. Now a days there is so much chemical use in it.

    However anything being taken as intoxication is harmful.. But Ganja or Vijaya if taken as medication for limited use it is Nectar ♥️ 🌿

  6. 100 बीमारी की एक दवा भाग है भारत मे इस पर प्रतिबंध लगाना अग्रेजो का सडयंत्र था ।।

  7. Why this video is age-restricted? Basically these modern farma companies don't want Indian Ayurveda to be spread … and what can be said about this magical plant … It have proved results for curing deadly diseases like cancer … So they will make sure it stays banned for eternity … !!!

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