1. Yeah it's true Sisy joint is less addition then nicotine and alcohol. Some stupid govt haters are illegalized it for there tax money. Mostly death cause by liquor only.i am also joint user than but limits ah handle pananum. Legalize it for world green. Peace

  2. Cigarettes & alcohol ketathutan
    Odambuku. But neega solran joint bong la oru romba Kittathu character ku… Total ah maridu…. Intha comments la oru Boy (na try Panna poranu sollirukan) comment la sonna paiyaaa addicted aita romba kastam da. Olunga yosikamata. Yara pathalum Romba santheyga Paduva. Oliya aiduva. Hair fall avum daily adicha. Nee ganja VA sathiyama sava Mata… Ana addict aitanu Kandi pa psycho agi depression la markaiya than paiyaaa… Family Inra mindset eh poidu… Lonely feel agum… Antha time La ganja illana paithiya Karana aiduvinga… Romba romba mosamana pazhakam ganja. Health important bro…. Comment paththa nariya Stoners erukinga pola😜.. Cigarettes, alcohol, weed, lsd, meth yellamey drug than Unga frnd ah solra mathikonga broii… Nalla sapdunga… I'm from pondicherry saraku kulla support pannamatanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. What a beautifully presented video I only understand the words Bob Marley. I strongly believe education and being informed is the key. Always remember even the late great!!! Bob Marley had his own demons most likely due to weed, as history repeatedly shows prohibition rarely works it simply gives money to organised crime. I personally am hoping for a world that governments regulate, educate and tax accordingly. Having an informed choice and being taxed for my own destiny seems a fair choice to me.

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