Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence: A Conversation with Alex Berenson

On February 28, Hudson Institute hosted Alex Berenson for a discussion of his latest book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and …


  1. This guy is a hero. I have lived my life completely destroyed by extreme anxiety caused by a couple experiences with this (literally 5 inhales). Fucking legend. About time fucking time. Everyone, everyone, everyone in mental health knows!!!!

  2. Great video. I am buying your book and planning to start an adolescent marijuana recovery group program. Been a substance abuse counselor for over 35 years, and seen how this drug has been looked at as not a problem. I am sober and clean over 40 years and beginning to watch many people in AA relapse on marijuana.

  3. Tragic in the sense of education. Consider Portugal with no illegal drugs for 15 years!!! I tell my kid that his musician friends are using THC, his banker friends snorting in the bathroom and his police friends banging down the beers at the BarBQue. You have to have your own code of conduct and strive to advance the human cause. WATCH Portugal,, Amsterdam, Morocco.

  4. I don't disagree with the marijuana facts, however I think it's important to point out there's a differens between Marijuana induced Schizofrenia and regular Schizofrenia. Also 90% of patients with regular Schizofrenia are not violent!

  5. Hardly anyone has watched this, the local hysteria loving news channel seems to have picked this story up somehow, more pseudo- science in the name of self promotion, sorry we don't buy it, nor buying the book. If anyone looks mentally ill, I think it seems to be our good buddy Barrensen, sitting there throwing the media under the bus. Your no Ralph Nader, your more like Ralph Cramden.

  6. Just listened to this guy on Book TV. He didn't seem to want to believe it when people who were having to take chemotherapy said that THC made them feel better. He said it would be just as effective for them to take a placebo or have a shot of booze. I have to admit, I've never had chemo let alone try THC for nausea but I would tend to believe those chemo patients over this bag of wind. I've known women who indicated that pot would ease their pain from cramps. I suppose this dipsh*t would doubt that too. I used to hear about tests the military did with pot. Apparently they would administer doses to an individual to be the equivalent of several ounces of pot with enough THC to cause the patient to have tremors. I'm not going to tell you pot is totally safe. Inhaling anything but fresh air might be a bad idea. You should be the judge of your own experience. When the thrill is gone, don't be afraid of change. Sometimes, the change will do you good.

  7. Cannabis was made illegal for 2 reasons, political and financial reasons for individual gain. How many people have died from marijuana? Zero,ever. This video is propaganda. There is no violence associated with marijuana.

  8. What folks do not realize that schizophrenia is such a huge burden to a society, millions of mostly young men that have this can't hold a job, usually families give up on the radical behaviors they can no longer Control in these young one knows really how schizophrenia is caused , much less how to cure it, dumbed down with medications make them unable to do much of anything that's usually why they do suicide.. paranoia is extremely hard to live with 247 day in day out..I know of very few cases where murder is done by schizophrenia, it's usually suicide. Along with marijuana usually crack is used and this does induce many violent behaviors against others and themselves.. I think it's part of the government plan and making today's marijuana available so young men can use this and do develop many psychological behaviors that could put them at risk and influence society in a negative way.

  9. The negative effects of Marijuana have been ignored? Lol it’s been all reefer madness up until about 10 years ago… and before the studies can be done – this guy is writing a book on it and being promoted by you.

    This guy, “we don’t have enough data .”

    Also this guy, “Cannabis is causing psychosis.”


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