Marijuana Stocks (CGC ACB CRON APHA CURLF TCNNF) Cannabis MJ Chart Analysis for Today, Nov 26, 2019

Daily Review of Marijuana Stocks – with a focus on big Canadian LPs and American MSOs = 15-day Free Trial …


  1. Thx Justin, since MJ is pouring rain, for those that really want these stocks should put their $ aside and let this continue to drop until sector confirms, AFTER confirmation then buy these at cheap price.

  2. Pure sun farms is a 50 50 joint venture between emh and vff.. emh failed to make a payment to pure sun farms or psf as per their agreement because emh has no money. Vff made the required payment and increased their ownership in psf

  3. Is there any possibility that Aurora is testing their short term line, too? There was news about legalization on federal US level and it didn't do anything. So… if it's not rational, could it go down below 1$?

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